Friday, November 30, 2007

Transfered Evidence

Went to Norwich. Did alot of nothing. I want to go see the new beowulf film; I'm too worried I'll miss the last bus home. Bought a warm jumper from the army surrplus store. Saw Anwar who looks to be caring for some old people....which is nice. Went to bed listening to Michio kaku's radio show in New York. It was very good.

And he said, "I want to live as an honest man
To get all I deserve and to give all I can
And to love a young woman who I don't understand
Your highness, your ways are very strange."

Suzanne Vega ( The Queen and the Soldier .)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cromer Rock

Had to go to Cromer job centre today. The bus was late due to traffic accident. I forget each time that the 2:36 bus is caught by the school kids at Sheringham High School. It's not all bad, almost funny to hear the bus driver shouting "ONE AT A TIME!! WAIT THERE!!!" At one point he stopped the bus and wouldn't let any of the kids off until he was sure there wasn't any rubbish left behind. I can't say I blame him. They make his job difficult.

No work to be found, unless I had the right tickets to work offshore. Went for a walk along the seafront, then coffee. Inside the coffee shop there was a jukebox but with Cd's. Some guy put old style big band music on :( At first, because of the sound quality I thought that the large cabinet was infact just a MP3 player :) To think, that large cabinet then maybe, just an IPod inside... hehe

There's an undergraduate student from Birmingham University in the Guardian today. Alex Smith has won a twelve thousand pound prize from Wolfram Research for his work. A proof on how to design a computer.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Electric Light Orchestra

I have learnt eighty Kanji now. Still not enough to be of use reading Japanese text 8-/ On average you need 800 Kanji.

Went into Holt to buy lots of Orange juice and Cranberry juice. It was four o'clock and people were setting up stalls on the main high street. What is this ? is there a market ? No, now I remember. Tonight will be the 'Turning on Of The Holt Christmas Lights'. This is a big thing for Holt considering how small the place is. People really do come and see the event from other areas; not just locals 8-D We can now expect people driving down the street at 2MPH looking at the lights. OK, it does look nice and the traders sure appreciate the visitors. During this time you may find police staking the town out at night due to vandalism to the light in previous years.

In my local health food store they were starting the celebrations early, and offered me a glass of wine. WOW, I was quite touched that they asked me, but I replied, "sorry, I don't drink." I think this made them feel slightly embarrassesd. As I left I asked about the lights, and about what was happening outside, we laughed about how they don't drink every evening, and that this was a one off.

I decided not to watch and that it wasn't for me
Christmas Lights 2005

Monday, November 26, 2007

There is a light and it never goes out....

My god, how long was I asleep ? My visit to Norwich today was quite strange. In two weeks Norwich has changed, noticeably. It's like a TV show has come and done a make-over...' Pimp my City '. There are many new shops and refurbished buildings. Cinema City has opened, which has been along time coming; the Theatre Royal has a new entrance.

I can't help but think that all this change hides something more sinister. In the last year Norwich has implemented lots of IP cameras and wifi hotspots. I haven't any evidence to backup my theory, there has to be a good reason why such a drastic change has occurred; other than it looks better...allegedly.

I made a visit to the Cathedral where there was a Afternoon service in progress. I walked around looking at the paintings and stained glass in the north transept while listening to the service. There was an exhibition".

I noticed at least several people that I recognised. It's strange I know of these people and yet only to say hello to. Though, I bumped into a friend of a friend in Nero ( the coffee bar with terrible coffe.) I was really pleased to see Anwar, he doesn't seem to be able to find work either, and said that he's looking for jobs in London. Anwar gave me his card pointing to his website, one thing I hadn't known about Anwar, is that he studied creative writting at university. He has now written a book We spoke about how people act differently from their normal self when in a group of friends.

I usually catch the five o'clock bus home leaving from 'Castle Mall'. Though being slightly strange I do this very differently from everyone else. Here is how, when the bus arrives I watch everyone pay, the doors shut. I now have ten minutes to run to the next bus stop. I've done this a few times now, the first time I had to bang on the side of the bus and only just caught it. Now I arrive ealier, before the bus , asking for my ticket with weezing breath. So if you are in Norwich at about five o'clock, look-out for a nutter running 8-D

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Who Eat All The Pies...

I've had my first 'Mince Pie' today :D

Well, I had a couple of mince pies :))))))))))))

Australia Has elected a new minister after eleven years of John Howard. The new guy, 'Kevin Rudd' of the labour Party, has promised to sign the Kyoto Protocol and to draw troops out from Iraq.

The Kyoto Protocol now covers more than 170 countries globally and more than 60% of countries in terms of global greenhouse gas emissions. As of November 2007, the US, Australia, and Kazakhstan are the only signatory nations, not to have ratified the act. This treaty expires in 2012, and international talks began in May 2007 on a future treaty to succeed the current one.

I've done nothing to help myself of late.
Things I need to do:

  • Sort book shelves and Cd's

  • Sell or scrap one of my two cars

  • Find a new job

  • Fix car or take motorcycle test

  • I really miss not going to church. I'm not much of a Christian or Buddhist, but church and meditation really do help.

    I plan to walk to Sheringham tomorrow, and catch the bus to Norwich hopefully I will make Norwich Cathedral in time for Holy communion.

    I have been watching:

    I have been reading:

    The Jesus and Marychain
    ( J*A*M*C were my favourite group during the 80's when I was a teenager.)
    (I'm lucky to still have good hearing :)
    Careful watching this if you suffer from epilepsy or you're feeling a bit melancholy...

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    Grey Pride

    Woke up this morning to a wet, cloudy grey sky. Today I travelled to Leicester to visit my sister. The journey to Leicester takes two hours to drive, you have to make sure you're not caught by speed cameras, as there are many.

    Finally we drove near to Nottingham, to the IKEA store. I couldn't help laugh at the stupid middle class people carrying their flat-packed furniture, it was evidently obvious that they were not use to lifting, or for that matter, any kind of work.

    One fact about IKEA I pulled from wikipedia:

    IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad was, as a teen, directly involved in the pro-Nazi New Swedish Movement (Nysvenska Rörelsen) until at least 1945, causing tensions when IKEA began opening stores in Israel. Kamprad devotes two chapters to his time in Nysvenska Rörelsen in his book, Leading By Design: The IKEA Story and, in a 1994 letter to IKEA employees, called his affiliation with the organization the "greatest mistake of his life."

    The news today featured a disturbing report of young working class Russians who are members of the Neo Nazi movement 'National Unity of Russia'.

    Link :,,2089413,00.html

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Shelf Life

    Still nothing worth mentioning. I have been completely hidden away at home for a few days now, and of course exploring second life. Second life's helping me alot with learning Japanese conversation and reading Kanji err... I think :) I wonder if it will infact spoil the experience of when I finally go.

    I'm blogging today, mainly because of the evening news. HM Revenue and Customs lost details of 25 million child benefit recipients, drawing into question whether the government are fit enough to handle a 'National Identity Card Scheme'. I for one am totally against an identity card.

    I've also received an email from the UK Open Rights Group, they need our support. Please visit their website:

    Link :

    I truly believe they are doing much needed and important work towards the future of people in the UK and the European Union.

    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Aboard the Ning Po...

    Nothing really happened again today, because I made sure of it. It was good not to spend any money on useless crap. I did manage to study and listen to Machio Kaku and other stuff.

    Spoke to Gabrielle on second life, she was being hassled by some sex pest!! Grrrrr!!!

    With the TV on in the background, there was a program called 'Domino Day 2007.' They failed their world record attempt and people were literally crying... wtf ?

    Friday, November 16, 2007

    Event Horizon

    It's Friday must go to Norwich, why? I have no clue.

    Returned a very basic book on meditation to the Buddhist's centre library. Their library is very good, and of course, there are also books to buy. I will try getting some advice from one of the more knowledgeable people, on what audio cd would be a good starting point to listen to. I'm not expecting a easy and straight forward reply :)

    Went to the Green House, the vegetarian food/ ethical living place for a pot of tea. It's good to escape here and drink tea with people who care or pretend to care at least. Some guy came over and was talking to me, then suddenly realising I wasn't the person he thought I was, said, " sorry, you look just like *somebodies name here*." This was great, I'm always mistaken for other people, usually local artists, or other such people, who are actively doing stuff. Being someone that doesn't produce much to show for myself I'm always overjoyed to receive these moments of mistaken identity. I have a crazy idea about walking up to people and asking,"are you 'Albrecht Prinz' the famous writer from the von Urach family." I will either get a welcoming smile, or a sharp stab in the back, either way it's still funny.

    Got the bus home... there were lots of school children..and a man who looked clinically depressed, but, don't tell him that, I guess he's hoping nobody noticed...

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Kawaii desu ne!!!

    I've survived another day not speaking to anyone except on second life where I spent some time with Gabrielle answering trivia. Errr... Gabrielle answered trivia and I cheated and tried to Google every answer. I did walk around Holt whilst it was raining to get my dad's perscription from the chemist and also to eat cake, but I still tried not to notice anyone.

    Tuesday night means the second part of 'Autopsy- Emergency Room' ( very macabre .)
    Professor Gunther von Hagens using his fake blood again demonstrated bleeding from separate veins in the hand an arm. First bleeding from the 'digital vein' the finger tip bled slightly producing little amount of blood. Second ...damn ...couldn't remember the name but the slightly larger vein at the base of the thumb, producing abit more blood this time. Then the radial artery in the arm which of course pissed blood and Gunther needed to use a larger funnel for the measuring cylinder.

    Then there was an autopsy involving three separate areas of stab wounds. he then proceeded to slice the frozen body using a band saw to examine which organs had been damaged. All three wounds were fatal with varying degrees of damage. He then removed the donor's thema bone and reproduced bleeding from a fracture of the thigh, which caused a rapid loss of blood. In the emergency room realigning the fracture apparently helps stem the blood loss.

    Monday, November 12, 2007


    My next employer will not be old, or, that is, think in an old-stubborn-way. I don't believe there's many older generation British that really understand problems faced by the younger generation. OK, they have their own problems too; but when they refuse to stay in touch with current affairs and learn new technologies they rely on other people. This leaves them vulnerable to people who lie, they can't see when they're faced with real truth.

    Tony Benn was on the Politics show today and of course spoke with much sense. I have only read one of Mr Benn's books (Free at Last!)and found him to be very interesting, and well worth listening to ever since I heard him speak so emphatically at a 'Stop The War' demo in Hyde Park. Though I wasn't sure about his comment 'people come into this country not speaking the language and have no passport every day, and these are, new born babies' this was probably abit tongue in cheek and I'm not sure how serious he was being, but still, he's perfectly correct :) Why do the people who seem quintessentially British usually speak so strongly for multi-cultural ism?

    Another good episode of 'Visions of The future' that ended with a call for reasoned democratic debate on the pros and cons of stem cell research and genetic engineering. Also featured was the MareNostrum supercomputer based in Barcelona which is the equivalent of 20,000 desktop PCs. I also like what Ray Kurzweil said about the Trans humanist group based in San Francisco," we are transcending our biology, not our humanity." Sweet :)

    MareNostrum Super Computer says...No!!

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    Friday, November 09, 2007

    Just Forget It!!

    Decided to do my usual and visit Norwich on a Friday. At the bus stop I noticed that the rapidly declining public payphone still had its light switched on. As I had nothing better to do whilst waiting, I called the '151' number for reporting line faults. The lady thanked me for my call and said that it would go on the list for attention. I was a little surprised when she asked me for my name and contact details. Luckily she miss heard my name and I said that I had no contact details and hung-up. I don't believe that anyone will fix the fault I've reported, well maybe there's a standard procedure for checking all boxes in time. So maybe I got some poorly paid employee in trouble. Right.. who's next....

    Something I've noticed that's rather sad, is that, because of the parking problem in Holt delivery drivers are using the 'war memorial' to park on. Mostly all towns in England have a war memorial, due to the fact that WWI soldiers were buried where they died, and their bodies did not return home. There was a traffic warden who dished-out at least three tickets in a short space of time.

    Despite the warnings, there was slight flood damage over night on the East coast of England. The beach-huts at Cromer have been completely smashed to pieces. Hmmm.. where would I build my beach hut and on which beach? Dresden in Germany didn't fair so well.

    The bus driver seemed to be attempting his personal best in making it to the city (Norwich does actually count as being a city.. ok, I know, just pretend) I couldn't help but laugh as we manouvered around small country lanes. Pensioners shopping bags clasped to their side.

    In Norwich there was nothing to see or do, I ignored people and they ignored me.

    Went to the local Royal Mail sorting office to find work. The woman behind the counter pretended to listens to me, then handed me a leaflet which read," Royal Mail is recruiting now for Christmas."

    'Christmas is the busiest time of the year for us. In the peak week leading up to the festive season, we expect to sort and deliver more than two billion cards, packets and letters. To help us with this, we are recruiting idiots that we may exploit and then sack in a short period of time. If you feel that you're desperate enough to get up early when every normal person is still in bed, and don't mind being attacked by dogs. Can drive with complete disregard to road safety. We would like to hear from you....A Service To Be Proud Of...'

    When I returned home my dad said he hadn't realised that I had left the house.

    There's a channel Four web site about the Brave Soldiers of the 'First World War'

    Thursday, November 08, 2007


    I had to go for an interview to claim job seeker allowance today. Despite arriving early at the bus-stop for Cromer I somehow managed to miss-it, or it just never arrived. When I finally made it to the job centre I was escorted by the Group 4 security guard to the interview room. The staff are friendly and I imagine they sometimes have to deal with some crap at times, though, because this is a small seaside town things are usually quiet. The girl conducting the interview was very professional except everything seemed to be pink. A pink kitty mouse mat, a pink coat, pen etc.... What I secretly admired was that she had customized the DHS computer settings to be all pink..LOL . Also she had noticed the ugly scab on the back of my hand," what has happened to your hand?" Embarrassingly I had to explain that afew days earlier I had wondered what it would feel like if I dropped glue, from a hot glue gun, on the back of my hand, and it had left a branded mark in the shape of a tear. I was obviously winning on the sympathy front and at the end of the interview she said, "take care." How was she to know that saying take care to someone like me is proposing marriage. **joke**

    On the way home I switched off the, massive no-need plasma screen advertising random nothing, at the hardware store, using my TV-BGONE...MWAHAHA...There's probably some footage of me doing this somewhere as the whole of Sheringham has CCTV, everywhere. I also looked into their fairly new computer shop. I couldn't help but think the people running the computer shop where just there whilst they weren't back home tending pigs at the pig farm.

    Back in Holt I tried to buy cake, but this time things didn't go so well. Someone decided to cut in front of me in the queue. Boiling inside I left the shop and hid inside a telephone box. These are really handy for hiding in an also for surveillance as they are made of glass and have transfers all around the inside leaving little peep holes...ok that's creepy. I finally calmed down and managed to buy the cake and a bottle of juice. On the way back five massively obese women taking the path and most of the road failed to move aside for me and accused me of being rude, I assume it was because I didn't jump over them to get past. At this point I was screaming inside and it's all I can do from taking the bottle of juice and smashing their useless waste of space heads to mush. I think I did a good job of disguising my psychotic tendencies and made it home to watch Taxi Driver and read the Guardian.

    There is a flood warning on the East coast tonight. Some of the locals in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft noticed the delivery of sand bags, and demanded that they had them before they were handed-out. I'm wondering if they were tipped-off by their Council working friends. Well good-luck to them I hope things work-out OK.

    There's a guy at Japan Resort, likes to be known as Dragunov

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007


    Today I walked along the seashore sunbathed for several hours and listen to locals speak their native tongue of Japanese whilst earning Linden Dollar. Yes, I did none of this except on Second Life at the Japan Resort a virtual beach. Really I stayed in bed and became ill from no life.

    Allegedly Stephen Fry has a presence on Second Life but he isn't telling ;)

    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    Focke-Wulf Fw 44

    After waking this morning I read the new edition of 2600 magazine, and was surprised to find there where some good articles. From what I can see, Norwich2600 now consists of me standing outside borders for twenty minutes every month.

    Everyone in my household has a bad cough at the moment, so, as I wasn't working I offered to give the kitchen a good scrub.

    To get out of the house I bought some cake from Byfords, a sort of posh deli in Holt that also does bed 'n' breakfast. Apart from carrot cake I also bought one of their vegetarian ciabattas. The ciabattas are nice though they use to be made with more olives and contain sun dried tomatoes. I left the house to see what seemed to be a World War II Bi-plane. It looked to be a Focke-Wulf Fw 44; doing aerobatics in the sky. This is the kind of normal event that happens when you live in Holt, sometimes in the summer it's not uncommon to drive down a country lane to be met head on with some type of WWII vehicle from the Muckleburgh collection in Weybourne. I tried to get my camera, and take some pitures, but it had disappeared by the time I returned. I made my way into town and got the cake without any problem, mainly because there wasn't anybody around. Instead of making my way straight home I walked to my local church to do some thinking, outside the church were builders repairing the church tower. "Guess I'd better leave it for another day."

    Machio Kaku has a radio show in the States that can be heard from his web site, I listened to the last Mp3 uploaded and it was a Australian guy talking about climate change, I'm still not convinced whether it's something I should keep listening to.

    OMFG... The Anatomy series is back on channel four. I caught it by accident, this stuff really interests me. Dissection by Dr Gunther Von Hagens and professor John A Lee, Dr Gunther was wearing his black hat as usual maybe as a mark of respect, who knows...The series this time has been made involving the British Red Cross who explain some basic first aid. To re-enact some injuries fake blood was pumped through taps in the donor body's arteries. The effect was as professor Lee said realistic. The blood was pissing-out of the 'femoral artery' at some rate with a loss of three litre of blood in a short period of time. I remember doing some first-aid training last year with 'action medics' where we roll-played this very injury, I tried to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the middle of the women patients thigh. Of course the proper place to apply pressure was more closer to the groin :/ Next week will be about fatal stabbings.

    The UK Action Medics:
    Link for channel4 Autopsy :

    Monday, November 05, 2007

    Lives Of Others

    Had a late night last night. And so I was woken quite late by the telephone. As usual when I finally answered they had already hung-up. "Damn that must have been the Job seeker people phoning me back about my claim." I picked the phone up to keep with me and so I wont miss them next time they call, then went to use the loo (nice :P). The caller managed to redial almost immediately and I had no choice but to answer still sitting on the toillet. I'm not sure how you let a complete stranger on your telephone know that your currently taking a dump whilst speaking to them but surely the flushing noise was a give-away.

    I managed to pay my credit card off today also so all is good now.

    The rest of the morning was spent playing with some css stuff and I've embedded a you tube player into my web space on sdf (super dimensional fortress) the only reason I'm a member of sdf was because a friend told me it would be good. I've never done anything with the site before but maybe I'll use it to play with different ideas.

    Holt was looking very cold today, though, I managed to make it to the shops and back in one piece. On my return I watched the film 'Lives Of Other' or 'Leben Der Anderen.' I have seen this film at least five times now and still find it quite moving.

    There was a new program on BBC Four tonight called 'Visions Of The Future'; it's nice to be told that there is a future. The presenter was a Dr. Michio Kaku and the episode title 'The Intelligence Revolution.' Things included were the IBM1401, a self driven Smart car, 3D Teleimmersion, a bearded man with dirty hair called Jaron Lanier and also the Nagoya robot museum. I'm not sure what to make of the program yet some silly statements were made like, " the words traffic accident and traffic jam will in the future disappear from the English language". And the question, " at what stage will we lose are sense of being human?" Also some animal experimentation creeped into the program at some point near the end. The most interesting thing shown was a Lady that was suffering from depression for more than twenty years. She was given what is known as 'Deep Brain Stimulation.' A brain pacemaker is implanted into her that's connected to probes travelling up into her head nearly five to ten centimeters deep. After the operation the doctors fine tune the pacemaker according to the effect of how she feels. I think I saw something similar to this at a talk I attended by Professor of cybernetics 'Kevin Warwick' at What The Hack.

    Tonight I will be listening to these recording at:

    Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Hmm.. it seems that I have finally come to realise the benefits of keeping a regular and up to date blog. Note that like most people I hardly ever do what is beneficial.

    It's nearly Christmas time, and since I was laid-off from work on Thursday; everything for me has come to an dead end. So, a new beginning must be found. I have no job, no working transport.

    By keeping a blog online I hope to keep an account of what I have been doing (obviously) This may help make me do something about my situation.

    Things that I find positive at the moment in no particular order:

  • Meditation at my local Buddhist centre.

  • Norwich Buddhist centre

  • My regular trips to Germany, and learning Deutsch

  • After many years of trying I feel I know what I have to do finally to learn more about electronics and computer tech' which is my main passion (possibly an unhealthy one.) 8P

    It's now Sunday evening, and despite not leaving the house to go outside all weekend I did manage to study some German language. And earn some Linden on `Second Life` ..hehe OH Dear...