Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Electric Light Orchestra

I have learnt eighty Kanji now. Still not enough to be of use reading Japanese text 8-/ On average you need 800 Kanji.

Went into Holt to buy lots of Orange juice and Cranberry juice. It was four o'clock and people were setting up stalls on the main high street. What is this ? is there a market ? No, now I remember. Tonight will be the 'Turning on Of The Holt Christmas Lights'. This is a big thing for Holt considering how small the place is. People really do come and see the event from other areas; not just locals 8-D We can now expect people driving down the street at 2MPH looking at the lights. OK, it does look nice and the traders sure appreciate the visitors. During this time you may find police staking the town out at night due to vandalism to the light in previous years.

In my local health food store they were starting the celebrations early, and offered me a glass of wine. WOW, I was quite touched that they asked me, but I replied, "sorry, I don't drink." I think this made them feel slightly embarrassesd. As I left I asked about the lights, and about what was happening outside, we laughed about how they don't drink every evening, and that this was a one off.

I decided not to watch and that it wasn't for me
Christmas Lights 2005

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