Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Focke-Wulf Fw 44

After waking this morning I read the new edition of 2600 magazine, and was surprised to find there where some good articles. From what I can see, Norwich2600 now consists of me standing outside borders for twenty minutes every month.

Everyone in my household has a bad cough at the moment, so, as I wasn't working I offered to give the kitchen a good scrub.

To get out of the house I bought some cake from Byfords, a sort of posh deli in Holt that also does bed 'n' breakfast. Apart from carrot cake I also bought one of their vegetarian ciabattas. The ciabattas are nice though they use to be made with more olives and contain sun dried tomatoes. I left the house to see what seemed to be a World War II Bi-plane. It looked to be a Focke-Wulf Fw 44; doing aerobatics in the sky. This is the kind of normal event that happens when you live in Holt, sometimes in the summer it's not uncommon to drive down a country lane to be met head on with some type of WWII vehicle from the Muckleburgh collection in Weybourne. I tried to get my camera, and take some pitures, but it had disappeared by the time I returned. I made my way into town and got the cake without any problem, mainly because there wasn't anybody around. Instead of making my way straight home I walked to my local church to do some thinking, outside the church were builders repairing the church tower. "Guess I'd better leave it for another day."

Machio Kaku has a radio show in the States that can be heard from his web site, I listened to the last Mp3 uploaded and it was a Australian guy talking about climate change, I'm still not convinced whether it's something I should keep listening to.

OMFG... The Anatomy series is back on channel four. I caught it by accident, this stuff really interests me. Dissection by Dr Gunther Von Hagens and professor John A Lee, Dr Gunther was wearing his black hat as usual maybe as a mark of respect, who knows...The series this time has been made involving the British Red Cross who explain some basic first aid. To re-enact some injuries fake blood was pumped through taps in the donor body's arteries. The effect was as professor Lee said realistic. The blood was pissing-out of the 'femoral artery' at some rate with a loss of three litre of blood in a short period of time. I remember doing some first-aid training last year with 'action medics' where we roll-played this very injury, I tried to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the middle of the women patients thigh. Of course the proper place to apply pressure was more closer to the groin :/ Next week will be about fatal stabbings.

The UK Action Medics: http://www.actionmedics.org.uk
Link for channel4 Autopsy : http://www.channel4.com/science/microsites/A/autopsy_er/

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