Monday, November 12, 2007


My next employer will not be old, or, that is, think in an old-stubborn-way. I don't believe there's many older generation British that really understand problems faced by the younger generation. OK, they have their own problems too; but when they refuse to stay in touch with current affairs and learn new technologies they rely on other people. This leaves them vulnerable to people who lie, they can't see when they're faced with real truth.

Tony Benn was on the Politics show today and of course spoke with much sense. I have only read one of Mr Benn's books (Free at Last!)and found him to be very interesting, and well worth listening to ever since I heard him speak so emphatically at a 'Stop The War' demo in Hyde Park. Though I wasn't sure about his comment 'people come into this country not speaking the language and have no passport every day, and these are, new born babies' this was probably abit tongue in cheek and I'm not sure how serious he was being, but still, he's perfectly correct :) Why do the people who seem quintessentially British usually speak so strongly for multi-cultural ism?

Another good episode of 'Visions of The future' that ended with a call for reasoned democratic debate on the pros and cons of stem cell research and genetic engineering. Also featured was the MareNostrum supercomputer based in Barcelona which is the equivalent of 20,000 desktop PCs. I also like what Ray Kurzweil said about the Trans humanist group based in San Francisco," we are transcending our biology, not our humanity." Sweet :)

MareNostrum Super Computer says...No!!

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