Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kawaii desu ne!!!

I've survived another day not speaking to anyone except on second life where I spent some time with Gabrielle answering trivia. Errr... Gabrielle answered trivia and I cheated and tried to Google every answer. I did walk around Holt whilst it was raining to get my dad's perscription from the chemist and also to eat cake, but I still tried not to notice anyone.

Tuesday night means the second part of 'Autopsy- Emergency Room' ( very macabre .)
Professor Gunther von Hagens using his fake blood again demonstrated bleeding from separate veins in the hand an arm. First bleeding from the 'digital vein' the finger tip bled slightly producing little amount of blood. Second ...damn ...couldn't remember the name but the slightly larger vein at the base of the thumb, producing abit more blood this time. Then the radial artery in the arm which of course pissed blood and Gunther needed to use a larger funnel for the measuring cylinder.

Then there was an autopsy involving three separate areas of stab wounds. he then proceeded to slice the frozen body using a band saw to examine which organs had been damaged. All three wounds were fatal with varying degrees of damage. He then removed the donor's thema bone and reproduced bleeding from a fracture of the thigh, which caused a rapid loss of blood. In the emergency room realigning the fracture apparently helps stem the blood loss.

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Gabrielle Boomhauer said...

By the way, I was totally cheating the whole time.