Saturday, November 24, 2007

Who Eat All The Pies...

I've had my first 'Mince Pie' today :D

Well, I had a couple of mince pies :))))))))))))

Australia Has elected a new minister after eleven years of John Howard. The new guy, 'Kevin Rudd' of the labour Party, has promised to sign the Kyoto Protocol and to draw troops out from Iraq.

The Kyoto Protocol now covers more than 170 countries globally and more than 60% of countries in terms of global greenhouse gas emissions. As of November 2007, the US, Australia, and Kazakhstan are the only signatory nations, not to have ratified the act. This treaty expires in 2012, and international talks began in May 2007 on a future treaty to succeed the current one.

I've done nothing to help myself of late.
Things I need to do:

  • Sort book shelves and Cd's

  • Sell or scrap one of my two cars

  • Find a new job

  • Fix car or take motorcycle test

  • I really miss not going to church. I'm not much of a Christian or Buddhist, but church and meditation really do help.

    I plan to walk to Sheringham tomorrow, and catch the bus to Norwich hopefully I will make Norwich Cathedral in time for Holy communion.

    I have been watching:

    I have been reading:

    The Jesus and Marychain
    ( J*A*M*C were my favourite group during the 80's when I was a teenager.)
    (I'm lucky to still have good hearing :)
    Careful watching this if you suffer from epilepsy or you're feeling a bit melancholy...

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