Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grey Pride

Woke up this morning to a wet, cloudy grey sky. Today I travelled to Leicester to visit my sister. The journey to Leicester takes two hours to drive, you have to make sure you're not caught by speed cameras, as there are many.

Finally we drove near to Nottingham, to the IKEA store. I couldn't help laugh at the stupid middle class people carrying their flat-packed furniture, it was evidently obvious that they were not use to lifting, or for that matter, any kind of work.

One fact about IKEA I pulled from wikipedia:

IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad was, as a teen, directly involved in the pro-Nazi New Swedish Movement (Nysvenska Rörelsen) until at least 1945, causing tensions when IKEA began opening stores in Israel. Kamprad devotes two chapters to his time in Nysvenska Rörelsen in his book, Leading By Design: The IKEA Story and, in a 1994 letter to IKEA employees, called his affiliation with the organization the "greatest mistake of his life."

The news today featured a disturbing report of young working class Russians who are members of the Neo Nazi movement 'National Unity of Russia'.

Link :,,2089413,00.html

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