Sunday, August 31, 2008

Every street I walk has a memory, sometimes good but mostly just bad, I should find a new places to walk...

T2 Conference in Helsinki

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Managed to get up early today. I'm so lazy !!! I use to get-up at 5 am everyday for work.

Had coffee, looked in Borders, cleaned the Buddhist Centre, eat some gluten free beetroot chocolate cake Sudakani's partner had made(it was good.) After reading some of a book about Japanese hand gestures I started to tell someone what I had learnt, and quickly realised how stupid it made me look. It mentioned stuff like, if you drag a finger tip from your ear to your chin it's supposed to mean something about Yakuza and some other crap about Kawaii.

Walked around abit putting up posters in shop windows, asked about a job in a hotel. For some reason I found it highly amusing walking out of a hotel reception, with a job application form.

It started to rain, so I stood in the entrance of a sports centre for half an hour, waiting for it to go away. Got wet, stood in a cinema watching trailers for half an hour.

Went home on the bus and bought some chips to eat. Looked through a book about computers from the 80s. Back in the 1980s my friend and I use to be crazy about micro computers. For my birthday he bought me this book entitles 'The Joy of Computers' his name was Darren Joy.. Hahah!!! I still love that book. OFFS!!! Dr K has the third edition of 'The Hackers Handbook' out..enough all ready...shut the fuck-up you whore!!!

All of the Japan Foundation's 'Let's Learn japanese Basic' can be found on Pirate Bay, it needs more people to seed it.
I might start going to Ju-Jitsu classes.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I heard a Japanese person the other day say in Second Life they come from 'Japanda'
...nevermind, I thought it was funny : P

Haven't been doing anything 'cept watch season five of 'The Wire' and watching the Japan Foundation programmes on VEOH..

I went for an early morning run, at 3 AM. Outside there was a slight wind and a bright full moon. Unsurprisingly two police cars drove past me, both didn't even slow down. I ran towards the police station and past the two cop cars just as they were exiting their vehicles. I don't think they even looked at me.. HOORAH!!! They looked busy and something must have been going down because of the two plastic evidence bags they were carrying. OH!! I miss the days when you could listen-in on the police radio..

Whirly-Bird to Mother Goose, come in Mother Goose!!!

I'm so unhealthy at the moment, must shape-up!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The local bus service has been re-vamped. they're making it totally impossible for people to travel anywhere sensibly. There is some sort of competition between the council run buses, and the local Sanders bus company, fare price rises in order to keep a set standard, times of service change to times that make no sense.

I had to take the bus to Cromer first, then wait for the bus to Norwich. I'm paying extra for this, so I decide to spend some time on the beach and drink coffee in the Rocket cafe.

In Norwich I drank coffe in the Forum and read about Flash Application XSS exploits. I thought I saw someone using a ASUS EEE pc, but no, this is Norwich things like that just don't happen. I went into the libruary to see if they had any books on Actionscript 3, and came out with a book on CISA information systems auditor.

I wanted something to eat before my martial arts class, I thought I would try a place that I hadn't been to before ' Baba Ghanoush.' There was no-one else there, the staff were unfriendly, the food overpriced, the music terrible. I guess I was thinking it would be good because it use to be a vegetarin place. The new people there aren't the same. What a rip-off!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!

I went to the noodle internet place. There was a guy with a dirty sleeping bag slung over his shoulders. He said something about noodles, so I guess he meant, can you buy me some noodles..please. I listened to what he had to say; then told him I haven't got much money. Then for some stupid reason ( I blame watching too much NBO ' The Wire' from piratebay) I bought two boxes of noodles and gave 'dirty sleeping bag man' one of them.

After some food I sat on a bench staring at people, with my Bo staff slung over my shoulder..

Went to my lesson; at first it didn't look like anyone was going to show-up. In the end there was six of us.

The woman in the Oriental centre is really fucking rude. She never smiles, and made me pay one pound, and sign a members book. nobody told me about having to do this before. So today I was totally fucking ripped-off left right a centre.

I think if I just had a room with heating, and a decent broadband connection, that's all I want out of life.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Things are starting to happen. More post arrived today from the university inviting me to an induction day, for mature students. Also, I sent an email accepting the offer of accommodation at Constable Terrace. All pretty exciting stuff.

I've been listening to the 'Last Hope' talks and through listening to Bicycle Marks talk I been looking at the following_

I also watched the film 'The Real Dirt on Farmer John'. Which is a documentary about the struggle of John Peterson, a farmer who grew-up in rural illinois. After his farther's death John takes over the running of the family farm whilst attending local college. Being the 1970's John's friends from college hang-out with him on the farm; bringing about a community of artists and philosophers. Soon the local farming community are gossiping about John's exploits, and trouble ensues.

The documentary, is full of old farm and family footage from yesteryear. John the unconventional farmer, falls into debt, and watches as farms around him are sold; struggling he tries on and off to make things work. Finally the sollution today exists in the form of 'Community Support Agriculture'. A socio-economic model of food production, that aims to increase the quality of the food and the care given to the land.

This film isn't just a tale about how today's farmers find it hard to produce good organic food. But about John's struggles in life, being someone different to the usual parameters of acceptability. His search for a way of life that is honest and worth living.

Heh, I went to water the garden today for my parents(who are away camping in Devon.) I think I should be doing it more often as one of the tomatoes is looking shrivelled...OOppss!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

No Soup for You !!!!

2600 have uploaded the audio talks from this years conference 'The Last Hope' :-
Link: Audio, The Last Hope
Here's something interesting, malware on mobile devices for you:-
Link: Flexispy Demo
A new addition of Hakin9 arrived through the door today (they really should use packaging where the postman/person can't read headlines such as "VOIP research exploit kit.") It arrived along with a letter from the UEA. I was scared to open the letter, in case it told me that my place at University was fake_LOL

At least Hackin9 is turning me into a script kid, which is only slightly better than clueless.. ok now for a game of PACMAN on facebook FUCK YEAH !!!

I continue to learn Japanese Kana I'm nearly done with the Hirigana, which most people learn in a week; for me it took a month. Now all I got to do is actually know what the words mean. I learnt a nice word from a Japanese person on Second Life, who ran around chasing people it was ' Chugokku oh crap I forgot..maybe I will remember later(Edit: I asked a friend it was 'Onigokko', heh, like you care : P )

Monday, August 04, 2008

Woke up late this morning to the doorbell ringing. Ignoring the doorbell I tried to get back to the dream I was having; it was as usual a strange one. I fell asleep last night to one of the audio streams from The dream was that I was back at public school listening to a schoolboy speak about Hitler. Though what I was hearing was the MP3 on my computer.

I had my patio door left open and could hear the latch being lifted on the garden gate. The person who was ringing the door bell had decided to take a look around. I just lay pretending to be asleep, waiting to see what they were going to do. They must have heard the conversation from my computer as they returned to the door and continued to press the bell.

Finally I got-up to answer the door. There was a man with a clipboard, his car parked half on the pavement said 'Loft Installation.' I said morning and struggled to keep my eyes open. It turns out he had been given the wrong address, he said sorry to bother me and left.

I haven't left the house for almost four days now, I've got little money and even less food. I spent the rest of the day and night watching the film KungFu Panda and going to scripting lessons in Second Life...

Friday, August 01, 2008