Monday, August 11, 2008

Things are starting to happen. More post arrived today from the university inviting me to an induction day, for mature students. Also, I sent an email accepting the offer of accommodation at Constable Terrace. All pretty exciting stuff.

I've been listening to the 'Last Hope' talks and through listening to Bicycle Marks talk I been looking at the following_

I also watched the film 'The Real Dirt on Farmer John'. Which is a documentary about the struggle of John Peterson, a farmer who grew-up in rural illinois. After his farther's death John takes over the running of the family farm whilst attending local college. Being the 1970's John's friends from college hang-out with him on the farm; bringing about a community of artists and philosophers. Soon the local farming community are gossiping about John's exploits, and trouble ensues.

The documentary, is full of old farm and family footage from yesteryear. John the unconventional farmer, falls into debt, and watches as farms around him are sold; struggling he tries on and off to make things work. Finally the sollution today exists in the form of 'Community Support Agriculture'. A socio-economic model of food production, that aims to increase the quality of the food and the care given to the land.

This film isn't just a tale about how today's farmers find it hard to produce good organic food. But about John's struggles in life, being someone different to the usual parameters of acceptability. His search for a way of life that is honest and worth living.

Heh, I went to water the garden today for my parents(who are away camping in Devon.) I think I should be doing it more often as one of the tomatoes is looking shrivelled...OOppss!!

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