Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Managed to get up early today. I'm so lazy !!! I use to get-up at 5 am everyday for work.

Had coffee, looked in Borders, cleaned the Buddhist Centre, eat some gluten free beetroot chocolate cake Sudakani's partner had made(it was good.) After reading some of a book about Japanese hand gestures I started to tell someone what I had learnt, and quickly realised how stupid it made me look. It mentioned stuff like, if you drag a finger tip from your ear to your chin it's supposed to mean something about Yakuza and some other crap about Kawaii.

Walked around abit putting up posters in shop windows, asked about a job in a hotel. For some reason I found it highly amusing walking out of a hotel reception, with a job application form.

It started to rain, so I stood in the entrance of a sports centre for half an hour, waiting for it to go away. Got wet, stood in a cinema watching trailers for half an hour.

Went home on the bus and bought some chips to eat. Looked through a book about computers from the 80s. Back in the 1980s my friend and I use to be crazy about micro computers. For my birthday he bought me this book entitles 'The Joy of Computers' his name was Darren Joy.. Hahah!!! I still love that book. OFFS!!! Dr K has the third edition of 'The Hackers Handbook' out..enough all ready...shut the fuck-up you whore!!!

All of the Japan Foundation's 'Let's Learn japanese Basic' can be found on Pirate Bay, it needs more people to seed it.
I might start going to Ju-Jitsu classes.

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