Monday, August 18, 2008


I heard a Japanese person the other day say in Second Life they come from 'Japanda'
...nevermind, I thought it was funny : P

Haven't been doing anything 'cept watch season five of 'The Wire' and watching the Japan Foundation programmes on VEOH..

I went for an early morning run, at 3 AM. Outside there was a slight wind and a bright full moon. Unsurprisingly two police cars drove past me, both didn't even slow down. I ran towards the police station and past the two cop cars just as they were exiting their vehicles. I don't think they even looked at me.. HOORAH!!! They looked busy and something must have been going down because of the two plastic evidence bags they were carrying. OH!! I miss the days when you could listen-in on the police radio..

Whirly-Bird to Mother Goose, come in Mother Goose!!!

I'm so unhealthy at the moment, must shape-up!!!

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