Thursday, August 14, 2008

The local bus service has been re-vamped. they're making it totally impossible for people to travel anywhere sensibly. There is some sort of competition between the council run buses, and the local Sanders bus company, fare price rises in order to keep a set standard, times of service change to times that make no sense.

I had to take the bus to Cromer first, then wait for the bus to Norwich. I'm paying extra for this, so I decide to spend some time on the beach and drink coffee in the Rocket cafe.

In Norwich I drank coffe in the Forum and read about Flash Application XSS exploits. I thought I saw someone using a ASUS EEE pc, but no, this is Norwich things like that just don't happen. I went into the libruary to see if they had any books on Actionscript 3, and came out with a book on CISA information systems auditor.

I wanted something to eat before my martial arts class, I thought I would try a place that I hadn't been to before ' Baba Ghanoush.' There was no-one else there, the staff were unfriendly, the food overpriced, the music terrible. I guess I was thinking it would be good because it use to be a vegetarin place. The new people there aren't the same. What a rip-off!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!

I went to the noodle internet place. There was a guy with a dirty sleeping bag slung over his shoulders. He said something about noodles, so I guess he meant, can you buy me some noodles..please. I listened to what he had to say; then told him I haven't got much money. Then for some stupid reason ( I blame watching too much NBO ' The Wire' from piratebay) I bought two boxes of noodles and gave 'dirty sleeping bag man' one of them.

After some food I sat on a bench staring at people, with my Bo staff slung over my shoulder..

Went to my lesson; at first it didn't look like anyone was going to show-up. In the end there was six of us.

The woman in the Oriental centre is really fucking rude. She never smiles, and made me pay one pound, and sign a members book. nobody told me about having to do this before. So today I was totally fucking ripped-off left right a centre.

I think if I just had a room with heating, and a decent broadband connection, that's all I want out of life.

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