Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waiting and Waiting

Spent alot of time indoors, just watching Facebook and twitter for the latest news. Dared to go outside to Norwich yesterday. It rained all day up-until the point it was time to go home.

My parents garden still looks like it could well recover, though the flowers could, and should be looking better than they are.

Having fed the Koi fish in my dad's pond for a week, I'm starting to reconsider if it's okay to eat fish.

Yesterday I did some work in the UEA library. I sat near people I've recognised around campus but don't particularly know. One of them, I probably recognised because he insists on wearing a plaster on his nose. It's been two months and he still wears it wtf ? When I sat at the computer next to him he put headphones on and proceeded to mumble out loud to himself.

Quizzed a librarian about the self help service(rfid) terminals. I also wrote some notes on Globalrfid and its security.

Had to transfer buses half way home yesterday. The bus we were transferred onto was dirty, and it sounded like the wheels would fall off suddenly.

A date is set for LugRadioLive2009: 24:10:2009.

Another uninteresting thing is that I've become totally obsessed with the friends list in Facebook. I think I can see patterns in peoples profiles leaking information about who is visiting your profile or who is communicating with who..just crazy. If this theory is remotely true then it would be easier to spot patterns in the friend profile if the list wasn't so vast, like mine :D

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Turd Torpedo

Man!! I'm just so fed-up with blokeish humour. With men, being a friend means randomly taking the piss out of each other. Not all people I have met are like this, and these seem to be the better genuine people.

Little comments, and trying to make others look stupid, torpedoing ideas, it's dumb. The next person to say to me 'We're just friends', or 'just kidding', goes instantly to fail.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Flower Shower

Haven't left the house for a few days...

I'm involved with an epic battle to save my parent's garden. Of course, after just a few days of them leaving for Cornwall the flowers started to die. I keep watering them morning and night, now the threat level has increase to critical.

I need biscuits and cake but I don't want to leave the house :(

Still being lazy, sometimes moments of anger
(only when I dwell on the past that is...)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Polished Art

The calendar on my phone told me it was the correct day to do maths. Mark was my bus driver today and also my driver on the journey home. We chatted for awhile. I'm not saying being a bus driver is a bad job, but Mark is so, so clever, why can't he do something different. I guess it's the fact that he has a family to look after, or he just likes being a bus driver, maybe...

As usual wandered around Norwich enjoying the rain. Sat in the Forum library doing some maths. Decided to go to UEA library instead, the computers there weren't working properly. I couldn't login to see the online coursework from last year. Now I decided to go see the exhibition at the Sainsbury centre. There was an exhibition showing of work by contemporary Polish artists.

It turns out Robert's office was only a temporary situation. He was back into a new office complete with window (which is nice), he never mentioned the old office (being small and claustrophobic) wasn't his usual.

I took the picture above with my Iphone whilst waiting to see Robert. I quite like it, except for the 'W' Waterstones sign you can just barely notice. There was another shot without the people in.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to the Tutor

It's Monday, so I catch the bus into Norwich for maths tutorial, right ?? Nope; I got the wrong day, it's tomorrow my meeting with Robert.

While I was at UEA I asked about my hardship loan. They said I couldn't have it as I also owe money from accommodation. I have to pay this money or I wont get my student loan, or be able to carry-on into the next year.

Just walking around trying to kill time before it killed me. I saw a group of people with placards saying 'Graig Murray' and t-shirts with 'the awkward squad' written on them. I also saw Rupert Read a few times cycling around on that rather splendid bike he uses, heh_ :D

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sob Freedom

Things needed sorting out. Despite waking at 5am, I still managed to fall back to sleep and miss the 7am bus.

Went to County Hall to show supporting documentation for my student finance application. Turns out the system used for student finance applications is rubbish. No surprise there then!! The lady who met me explained that because I was transferring to another course she had to flag my application as pending. There was no other relevant option given to her on their system. Because of this a automatic email was sent to me asking for the supporting documentation.

Whist I waited for the bus back to the city centre thunder and lightning had started, it began to rain heavily. People were sat out of the rain under the metal bus shelters. I was probably wrong but I wasn't sure how safe those things are in a lighting storm. I sat crouched down under my brolly playing Philip Glass Cloudscape from my Iphone Hahahah!!

Robert had cancelled my maths tutorial, I hadn't seen the email informing me of this. No big deal, I wanted to apply for a hardship loan anyhow. I filled the relevant forms and made another appointment to see Robert on Monday.

Floated around Norwich for a few hours. Sat, drank coffee, read maths equations. I saw David Cameron leader of the Conservatives in the forum. I wasn't sure it was really him. Just some guy that was wearing the whitest shirt I've ever seen. The news later confirmed he had been in Norwich.

I saw Yuko in the Library, she didn't see me. I watched her walking away again. Always painful... There would have been little point speaking to her, she doesn't want to know me. And the last time I saw her was hand in hand with Alex Pearce walking down the street. There, I said his name. Everytime I think of him I get very angry..quick change subject_

Attended the NO2ID card hustings. Recorded a Little of what Rupert Read had to say and published it to AudioBoo. Craig Murray always has something interesting to say, I was quite impressed. UKIP sounding off like BNP. Why is it always me that gets the odd annoying bloke sat next to me ?? :( (maybe because I am an odd annoying bloke LOL)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Gloves

Living back at home, though only for a short while is still pretty harsh. It's so good of my parents to put-up with a loser like me, but still. It comes with all the old trappings and embarrassments. The other day my mother being nice asked if I wanted some of my clothes washed. She picked-up a hooded top from the floor of my room. Out fell two black leather gloves. She just said, "Oh!!" Didn't even question why the fuck I was wearing leather gloves in summer. Hahahah!! And for that matter a hooded top..

Went to Runton, there was no surf.. Pooo!! Been doing trigonometric calculus.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Two Closed Eyes

I forgot my bus pass, and had to walk from the city centre into campus. Just as soon as I left the Forum, it began to lightly rain. The rain became heavier and heavier. By the time I had reached the university I was completely soaked. It was actually quite nice. I knew due to 'sod's law' the rain would stop almost as soon as I arrived. I Sat in the square drying off in the sun, which had now been converted into a make shift playground for the Italians to play ball in.

Went for haircut, I never know how those people remember my name. I sometimes hate the fact that you have to speak to the barber. The guy cutting my hair was cool(why am I using the word cool :) I'm not 12 years old Heh.) I always get the impression he's known me before.

Another good maths session. While I was waiting for the office to open, I thought I saw Yuko.

The maths session we went slightly off topic. I brought-up the subject of cryptography. Robot seemed to know alot about 'public key encryption.'

A strange incident happened back at the Forum that I find interesting. The guy being served ahead of me complained that he was given tea instead of the latte that he had ordered. The problem was that he was a foreign national, he pronounced latte with an emphasis on 'T.' The guy and his friends were sat with me on the sofas. I couldn't make-out where they were from. They seemed to be speaking French but not always. All four were black, but not with typical black facial features. Well anyway, I asked them about the great tea incident and was laughing about the situation. I got the impression they thought the people behind the counter had got it wrong on purpose.

The thing is, everyone serving at the bar aren't originally from England. So we have all immigrants serving and foreign nation customers, all speaking a second language, English. I'm not sure why, but I found this interesting.

I went for a walk down chav street. A little fat woman err... girl tried to start a fight with me, calling me an array of expletives.

I jumped over a fence in front of a crowd of idiots. I heard the drunk idiots saying to each other, "look free runner!" hahaha ! NO !!! That's just how I jump over fences, I've done that since I was young.. Nothing new !! It never had a name, its called agility.. TWATS !!

I'm getting pissed off with Japanese culture becoming popular into the mainstream..

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Missing Rice

For some unknown reason I've suddenly become interested in Shiatsu massage...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The In Crowd

I got nothing, stayed in my room all day. Mum drove to Norwich, I had a bad feeling that she was involved in an accident. Luckily I was wrong.

Watched Bear Grylls- Born Surviver. Well-Done me...

Friday, July 03, 2009

Maths Porn

Sat in the Forum doing maths. Is it wrong to do maths in public ?? The general public don't take too kindly to others that display such activities as reading books or anything that doesn't involve shopping or alcohol. Well, frankly I couldn't care. What I do care about is that every problem in the book just looked impossible. I had to concede defeat.

Open day on campus. Lots of kids and their parents. There was a two person band playing in the square, I didn't really take much notice. Instead I went to buy strawberry soya shake from the shop. There's a guy/PHD student who works the behind the counter serving. We don't know each other, but for some reason we seem to have an understanding that we're friends/friendly. He seems alittle effeminate which is okay, I find most Indian student usually are. The shop was so busy and the weather hot. Though we really have no connection other than UEA and the shop he welcomed me with a big smile and we exchanged pleasantries about how we hate open days :D Heh This sounds harsh, but I really hope he isn't gay, if he is then also no problem.

Thank the Lord, I was working from a newer maths book to Roberts. The questions I had been looking at were far harder than the ones he intended me to attempt.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Shun the Sun

After calling the job agency and getting the voice mail outgoing message, I decided to pay a visit to their office in person.

Outside was a hot beautiful day. Summer 2009 is dead to me, it's just not going to happen. I used to live for the beach and sun,what changed ?? Now I just want to hide, in preference to staying in.

Well, going to the office was a complete waste of time. The person who arranged interviews wasn't there. I'm going to try tomorrow.

Listened to music and watched some clips from this you tube user:


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Selection for my Resurrection

Spent most of the day trying to coax myself out of the house. It didn't happen.

The was a message on the answer phone from a recruitment aganecy. I'll call them or visit, maybe they have a rubbish job for me. Hmmm, is it too late to get to Har2009, probably.

The Cake to Stay Awake

Hey, thanks guys... Really encouraging to receive your comments and emails, thanks.

I received a message from Miyuki today. She is back in Japan, but returning sometime in July.

I accidentally noticed myself smiling (no I hadn't overdosed on carrot cake) but for every good thing something bad happens. Reality reared its ugly head, and in an instant I was back to my usual miserable self. Still, there's still hope.