Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waiting and Waiting

Spent alot of time indoors, just watching Facebook and twitter for the latest news. Dared to go outside to Norwich yesterday. It rained all day up-until the point it was time to go home.

My parents garden still looks like it could well recover, though the flowers could, and should be looking better than they are.

Having fed the Koi fish in my dad's pond for a week, I'm starting to reconsider if it's okay to eat fish.

Yesterday I did some work in the UEA library. I sat near people I've recognised around campus but don't particularly know. One of them, I probably recognised because he insists on wearing a plaster on his nose. It's been two months and he still wears it wtf ? When I sat at the computer next to him he put headphones on and proceeded to mumble out loud to himself.

Quizzed a librarian about the self help service(rfid) terminals. I also wrote some notes on Globalrfid and its security.

Had to transfer buses half way home yesterday. The bus we were transferred onto was dirty, and it sounded like the wheels would fall off suddenly.

A date is set for LugRadioLive2009: 24:10:2009.

Another uninteresting thing is that I've become totally obsessed with the friends list in Facebook. I think I can see patterns in peoples profiles leaking information about who is visiting your profile or who is communicating with who..just crazy. If this theory is remotely true then it would be easier to spot patterns in the friend profile if the list wasn't so vast, like mine :D

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