Friday, July 17, 2009

Sob Freedom

Things needed sorting out. Despite waking at 5am, I still managed to fall back to sleep and miss the 7am bus.

Went to County Hall to show supporting documentation for my student finance application. Turns out the system used for student finance applications is rubbish. No surprise there then!! The lady who met me explained that because I was transferring to another course she had to flag my application as pending. There was no other relevant option given to her on their system. Because of this a automatic email was sent to me asking for the supporting documentation.

Whist I waited for the bus back to the city centre thunder and lightning had started, it began to rain heavily. People were sat out of the rain under the metal bus shelters. I was probably wrong but I wasn't sure how safe those things are in a lighting storm. I sat crouched down under my brolly playing Philip Glass Cloudscape from my Iphone Hahahah!!

Robert had cancelled my maths tutorial, I hadn't seen the email informing me of this. No big deal, I wanted to apply for a hardship loan anyhow. I filled the relevant forms and made another appointment to see Robert on Monday.

Floated around Norwich for a few hours. Sat, drank coffee, read maths equations. I saw David Cameron leader of the Conservatives in the forum. I wasn't sure it was really him. Just some guy that was wearing the whitest shirt I've ever seen. The news later confirmed he had been in Norwich.

I saw Yuko in the Library, she didn't see me. I watched her walking away again. Always painful... There would have been little point speaking to her, she doesn't want to know me. And the last time I saw her was hand in hand with Alex Pearce walking down the street. There, I said his name. Everytime I think of him I get very angry..quick change subject_

Attended the NO2ID card hustings. Recorded a Little of what Rupert Read had to say and published it to AudioBoo. Craig Murray always has something interesting to say, I was quite impressed. UKIP sounding off like BNP. Why is it always me that gets the odd annoying bloke sat next to me ?? :( (maybe because I am an odd annoying bloke LOL)


Anonymous said...

Why are you transferring to another course?

- Karayoon

Bigm000 said...

Transferring degree course is something everyone on the CMP with foundation year has done. When you finally graduate it doesn't show foundation year, which may look bad to an employer.