Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Polished Art

The calendar on my phone told me it was the correct day to do maths. Mark was my bus driver today and also my driver on the journey home. We chatted for awhile. I'm not saying being a bus driver is a bad job, but Mark is so, so clever, why can't he do something different. I guess it's the fact that he has a family to look after, or he just likes being a bus driver, maybe...

As usual wandered around Norwich enjoying the rain. Sat in the Forum library doing some maths. Decided to go to UEA library instead, the computers there weren't working properly. I couldn't login to see the online coursework from last year. Now I decided to go see the exhibition at the Sainsbury centre. There was an exhibition showing of work by contemporary Polish artists.

It turns out Robert's office was only a temporary situation. He was back into a new office complete with window (which is nice), he never mentioned the old office (being small and claustrophobic) wasn't his usual.

I took the picture above with my Iphone whilst waiting to see Robert. I quite like it, except for the 'W' Waterstones sign you can just barely notice. There was another shot without the people in.

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