Monday, August 31, 2009

Beeston Bump_Reloaded

Took the kids to Splash the swimming pool in Sheringham. I refused to pay 1.70 UK pounds to watch people having a good time in the pool, so instead, I went for a walk. I walked the seafront to Sheringham then ran up the Beeston bump. Took a quick photo then back down. If I ever go on the run from the police, I think I will hide-out there... not really :D heh !!!

At night I watched the film:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ya Big Promo ..

Went to 'Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach' today with my sister and family. I can't stand Great Yarmouth. On one occasion when I found myself caught in Yarmouth I considered calling air-sea rescue on the emergency phones to be air lifted to safety.

My sister's kids were very excited, and being with young children seemed to make the experience more bearable. I managed with ninja like reaction to get soaked walking past the log flume much to everyones enjoyment. I can't believe it, I just watched as in slow motion a cascade of water moved towards me, then all over the lower half of my legs. I had to laugh but I felt so stupid hahah!!

Took the kids on the roller coaster and to the penny arcades. I love to see the people who play the machines with a serious look on their face. Loading the machines with coins using two hands, like a real professional.

Most of the rides were very expensive, I waited outside while my sister and the kids looked around a miniature model village. Whilst I was waiting the police had closed the roads to the seafront. There was a procession of trucks.

The 50 or so trucks one by one paraded past waving and sounding their horns. wtf !!! I was bored with trucks even before they had started, let alone after the fiftieth one had rolled by, they all looked the same, just with different company logos. v. strange. How is that even an event ???

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life's a Drag..SAMU !!!

Woke-up really late today. Spent all morning in bed listening to Spotify the stream music website. Afternoon I went drundling around Norwich looking for work. While I was waiting at the bus-top back into the city I was joined by a strange looking couple. The male of the two was holding to boxes in his arms. They had bought hamsters. They imediately began to light-up their cigarretes causing a nasty smell. I was finding it hard to breath choking on their cigarrette smoke. One of them was commenting on how one of the hamsters poked its nose through one of the air holes. I'M NOT GODDAM SUPRISED !!! I WAS FINDING IT HARD TO BREATH FROM AN ARMS LENGTH AWAY, WHO KNOWS WHAT THE HAMSTER WAS GOING THROUGH WITH FAG SMOKE PIPED INTO ITS LITTLE BOX...

Bumped into Steve down Unthank road. I think he tried to sneak past unoticed but I recognised his green cap, and caught him.

Back at UEA I went to buy cheap biscuits with the very last of my small change. Walking home a girl was being draged by a youngish boy. She seemed to be crying as he yanked at her arm. I shouted over the road, "what are you doing ??" Plane as day he turned to me and said, "I'm taking her to mine." The girl didn't say anything and I watched as he lead her by the arm, away. errr... OK !!! I watched them walk away and then continued home. What can you do ???

I'm off to my parents tonight. My sister is visiting and I want to see my nephew who I haven't seen for a long time..

Friday, August 28, 2009

You Got a Friend

rattled off a few copies of my CV in UEA library. Caught bus into town, as the bus was leaving campus I noticed Miyuki.

Walked about aimlessly for a few hours; not getting into too much trouble.

Adam left a load of spilt rice on the kitchen floor. It's been there for a week now. I decided to sweep and clean the kitchen. After, I went the long walk 'round to the Tesco metro to buy cheap chocolate.

Walking back from the Metro I spotted Miyuki walking towards me. I can't explain, but from quite a distance I knew it was Miyuki. She had just been to submit her dissertation. I know she was worried about her work, but seemed happy to have finally finished. Next July she will be teaching 'Development' in Tanzania. Amazing !!! I really admire what she's doing, and how adventurous she is. Miyuki mentioned to me I looked tired, she's not the first person to say that to me. I realised my eyes squint when I'm speaking to people I like. It's actually a reaction from being scared to talk to people. I guess I just have to expose myself to more women. Men I can deal with and I don't care much for them anyhow (LOL) Miyuki mentioned she will go drinking with friends to celebrate the end of her master's course, then pack her bags for her trip back home to Japan. I awkwardly said goodbye and forgot to wish her a safe journey... Safe journey Miyuki !!!

I went home and fell asleep(the power of suggestion.)

Woke from my sleep to find Adam banging the hoover against my door. He had decided to clean ??? I don't think he realised I was in my room.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facebook Told Me !!!

Read about the execl () function and how to defeat Linux's 'Address Space Randomisation Layout.' Yawn !!!

Spent about 20 minutes staring at the UEA library computer, waiting for it to boot. Finally was able to print my curriculum vitae after the third attempt. Nice One UEA !!!

Went to a few job agancies handing them my CV. It's annoying handing over my CV and knowing that it will soon be filed straight into the bin.

Had to listen to housemate. He thinks he's a death metal guitarist. And does all the foot stamping and death metal singing along to errr... dunno Ramstein maybe??? What a tit !!!

Facebook leaks information... I really need to two people on FB to confirm this..

A tramp asked me for change at the Bus station. By the end of our conversation he was almost giving me change. To be honest I was walking past the Bus station when I saw him standing with two women. The women looked bothred and were telling him to go away. He just stood there saying, " what have I done??" I stopped to sit on the wall next to them, made sure they were okay.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Feel a bit better today after Monday's fiasco...

Received a new edition of Hackin9 through the post.
Sorted 'Student Finance' for next year.
Read about 'Smashed Stack Protection' and Canary tokens.
Received a MSG on Facebook from Miyuki (someone's still speaking to me) Thanks Miyuki.
Spoke to the strange 'nose plaster' guy in UEA library. He's still got the plaster on his nose Heh_ and has a Canadian accent.
Spent all my money on chocolate, noodles and biscuits.
Did clothes washing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Woke late for Cathedral. It was beautiful sunny day and I was totally alone. Because I was late I had to do battle with the usher who keeps guard at the door. They seem to find it impossible that someone has come to attend the Sunday service during the sermon.

Drank coffee in the Forum. at near some geeks playing war games. One of the female war gamers had with her a baby, in which they had included into the game as a fairy character...

Watched some Japanese language programmes.

Someone used my butter !!! I spent some time carrying-out forensic examination on my tub of butter. Using the different kitchen knives I concluded that indeed Steve or someone err.. Adam used a knife not belonging to me to steal butter..

On Going Mission

Bumped into Steve in the city. We went to Starbucks for coffee and was later joined by Steve's friend Gary. After we spent some time watching the entertainment outside the Forum. Three grown men had drawn a crowd. They seemed to be playing with some circus toys. If they were solving hard maths, I could probably relate better. I said goodbye to Steve and his friend to go look for work.

Took the bus to the business park. The agency that was being run from a freight container has gone. I forgot, it's Saturday, and there was no-one around.

Walked back into the city back to the Forum. Just as I arrived at the Forum there was a loud explosion. I almost mad a dick of myself by drooping face-down to the floor(like you're supposed to.) Someone's bicycle tyre had exploded. How did that happen ??? It was very loud, anyhow...

Later Steve came 'round to watch 'Tron' and 'Star Trek 2.' Tron was so so good, as expected. Star Trek was well, just Star Trek... Adam and Steve sat drinking beer and eating crisps. I drank tea...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fix my Face

I can't update this. Things are too mental, as always.
Lots of reading about buffer overflow and pentesting.
Lots of fighting with people in the street. I should get hit by someone fairly soon, I think...

Felt remorseful for awhile about an old friend, if it means anything, I feel bad about what I did. I knew it was wrong, but it had to be done.

I should be happy with the way things are going, so far. But deep down I know everything is a lie. Everything in reality is fucked including my thoughts!!!

I actually do like you, I just don't trust you.

Went to the dentist in Cromer today to get my teeth fixed. Then, a walk along the seafront. I tried to make recording for AudioBoo, but it wont let you record when there's no mobile signal.

Oh, and I'm thinking about becoming a street drinker..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't Run, Walk!!

What an insane day/night/early morning... I hope I can remember everything..

I've been walking miles and miles almost every day and night.. My feet are killing me.

Some strange incidences that happened :

I was looking at the travel section in Borders when this random guy started talking to me about Berlin and Moscow. He said he's never been abroad and has no passport. He then went on to demonstrate his prowess in speaking the German language. This would have been fine, though he just went on and on... I complimented him on how much he knew, which he then explained that he had asperges. I guess it's become abit of an obsession for him. He showed me some guide book he'd sent away for through the post. He then started to speak to another guy who was learning French. Heh_ suddenly he started to attempt French.. At this point I left him to it.. He later left saying goodbye to everyone about two or three times.

I've really given-up big time, I spent most of my day trying to start fights with people. I decided to do my best at pissing people off, I hope this is a phase. I feel like I'm being bullied, no one ever has a good word for me, and I'm always letting people get their own way.

In fact I'm typing this the next day. I had a change of heart already. Last night I had the recurring dream of trying to get away from somebody I didn't want to speak to. It's made me realise, not that I ever really impose myself on people, quite the opposite I think.

yes, I have gone insane again, I need something to occupy my time until Uni starts. Been doing lots of network scanning, and trying to understand the different types of buffer overflow at a more deeper level.

I went to an art exhibition at Norwich Art school. The exhibition was about 'China'. I found myself in a room with a model train track. The model train had a camera transmitting the image to a television in the corner of the room. Around the track was old PCB and circuit boards placed to give the impression of buildings.

I've noticed Adam starting to follow me about. When I'm upstairs he is, when I go down to the kitchen, sat in the living room. He just sits about making noise. He isn't that bad, but I don't think he's aware of what he's doing.

At night, and after a few more confrontations with various people(and I still haven't managed to be beaten-up or stabbed) I watched as a 4x4 reversed over some traffic signs a barriers, then stopped to wait at the cross roads. I walked past looking to see who was driving, as I looked-up I suddenly noticed a large lorry had mounted the pavement and was moving directly towards me. wtf?? The was nothing I could do 'cept jump out of the way before he ran me over(I'm sure this couldn't have happened to anyone else.) Further down the road, an idiot asked me if I sucked cock. I replied yes, and he said, "well, come-on then." I told him to fuck-off and continued walking to the sound of his friends in a car shouting at me. Just then I noticed the flashing lights of fire engines and ambulance. I couldn't see what had happened, but there seemed to be something major happening.

I wasn't feeling to good now, and someone was walking behind me playing happy hardcore on their mobile phone. I turned and told them that the tune on their mobile was 'way too happy.' He was wearing a track suit and had cuts all over his face. He said, " I've just been to the hospital bruv!!" He then went on to explain about how someone glassed him with a bottle in front of his girlfriend and young daughter. He said he was homeless, he showed me the massive hole in his arm where the nurses put him on a drip. Now that he was out of hospital he had decided to go to 'Bootleggers' for some drink. He went further to explain that his dad had just died. I told him in an unpatronising way that drinking was probably the last thing he should be doing. He said he understood where I was coming from and continued on... We walked past the crowds outside club PoNana or whatever it's called. The utter scum were standing around pissing on everything. Oh yeah I might have told the homeless guy that I was going to kill all these people. At that point he went quiet.

After a few more confrontations with various arseholes, I walked home stopping to sit in hedges and touching computers from graveyards.


Sunday, August 09, 2009


Mum came for a visit today, we went to for a walk around campus. Then a look around the Sainsbuty centre.

The other day Adam and I answered the door to a racist salesman. he was trying to get us to swap our electricity provider to as he put it, the only English company left. His main sales approach consisted of an impersonation of an India call centre worker. After listening to his, oh so hilarious, impersonation I got up and went to my room, leaving Adam to tell him to fuck-off!!!

I have sold-out..because I've got little money I went to the Tesco metro to buy cheap crisps, biscuits and chocolate. All for one pound fifty pence UK. I'm a bad bad man...

Friday, August 07, 2009

Cut Loose

Being back near the city is good, at least, even though I have no money I can go off walking. My God !!! My feet are going to drop-off, so much walking and no work :/

I always return to the house and find Adam sat in his dressing gown watching DVDs, one DVD after another. Today I was tricked into watching the film 'Dark Crystal.'

We still haven't sorted a phone connection or broadband. Adam being a online gamer opts for the fastest connection money can buy (for the UK that is.)

I'm a quiet person. Adam is loud and always himself!!! If I go upstairs, so does Adam, if I goto the kitchen, he does too. Hmmm..

On the bus today I managed to catch a girls bag of food stuff from falling on the dirty bus floor. The driver jolted the bus sharply, and the girl's bag fell from the seat. My natural reaction was to grab the bag, two scones had already fallen out onto the floor. She looked at me and said thank-you in her Chinese mouse like voice. I then picked-up her bottle of water and placed it back on the seat, then watched as she retreived her scones from the floor and dusted them off. I looked at her and exclaimed, "Oh No!!," feeling sorry for her. I got no reaction, and wasn't sure if she blamed me for the scones falling out of the bag. I feel like that in most situations, like when someone drops money, no fucking way will I help pick-it-up for them. They might accuse me of trying to steal their money.

I have a queuing problem. I never like to stand too close to people in a queue. Because of this, people always push in front of me. It happened today. I was standing in line at the supermarket and only paying for one item, so it looked like I was just waiting for death, and not to pay for my one item of milk. An old woman stepped in front of me, she put all her shopping on the conveyor. I watched without saying a word. She then realised and began to apologise over and over. After I reassured her that I couldn't careless, she started to bitch to me about the woman ahead of us taking too long to pay.

Crack a Vap

My life seems to be like a cross between the programme 'Big Bang Theory, Rain Man and Peepshow.'

Everything is ruined, ain't ever going to fix this.

I was thinking about hacking my memory through the use of smell. Only use certain shower gels when I'm in a good mood, and ones for bad moods. Does that make sense ??? :/

I think if I did this I would easily forget the bad past.

Monday, August 03, 2009

early bird

I've moved into a smallish house very close to the University. I'm sharing with Adam at the moment and Chris has gone back home until term time begins. Of course, because basically Adam and Chris did all the work finding the house I get the smallest room. It's not that much of a bother really.

I woke early today to visit job agencies and try find work. Bertram Books who operate through the use of a recruitment agency couldn't help. The agency is no longer doing business and I was told to try in two weeks time when another agency will continue their operation.

On the bus into the city I noticed a boy shouting very angrily at a rather large man wearing a Norfolk Constabulary jumper. The large man stood close to the boys face and laughed at him. Later, while I was walking I noticed the boy sitting outside of the shop 'Next' and inquired as to the problem. He told me that he had been locked in the police station cells over night, and the large man had tormented him through-out the night flicking the light switch. The boy seemed to be slightly deaf and had quite alot of issues. I like to think I helped, just by listening to him.

Adam woke at 2:15pm, just as I was returning. So far, so good with Adam. Though I left him and Bode watching DVDs last night drinking larger and eating crisps. I went for a long walk that lasted well into the early morning.

I must admit I've been pretty down and have been having some bad thoughts.