Thursday, August 27, 2009

Facebook Told Me !!!

Read about the execl () function and how to defeat Linux's 'Address Space Randomisation Layout.' Yawn !!!

Spent about 20 minutes staring at the UEA library computer, waiting for it to boot. Finally was able to print my curriculum vitae after the third attempt. Nice One UEA !!!

Went to a few job agancies handing them my CV. It's annoying handing over my CV and knowing that it will soon be filed straight into the bin.

Had to listen to housemate. He thinks he's a death metal guitarist. And does all the foot stamping and death metal singing along to errr... dunno Ramstein maybe??? What a tit !!!

Facebook leaks information... I really need to two people on FB to confirm this..

A tramp asked me for change at the Bus station. By the end of our conversation he was almost giving me change. To be honest I was walking past the Bus station when I saw him standing with two women. The women looked bothred and were telling him to go away. He just stood there saying, " what have I done??" I stopped to sit on the wall next to them, made sure they were okay.

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