Sunday, August 23, 2009

On Going Mission

Bumped into Steve in the city. We went to Starbucks for coffee and was later joined by Steve's friend Gary. After we spent some time watching the entertainment outside the Forum. Three grown men had drawn a crowd. They seemed to be playing with some circus toys. If they were solving hard maths, I could probably relate better. I said goodbye to Steve and his friend to go look for work.

Took the bus to the business park. The agency that was being run from a freight container has gone. I forgot, it's Saturday, and there was no-one around.

Walked back into the city back to the Forum. Just as I arrived at the Forum there was a loud explosion. I almost mad a dick of myself by drooping face-down to the floor(like you're supposed to.) Someone's bicycle tyre had exploded. How did that happen ??? It was very loud, anyhow...

Later Steve came 'round to watch 'Tron' and 'Star Trek 2.' Tron was so so good, as expected. Star Trek was well, just Star Trek... Adam and Steve sat drinking beer and eating crisps. I drank tea...

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