Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life's a Drag..SAMU !!!

Woke-up really late today. Spent all morning in bed listening to Spotify the stream music website. Afternoon I went drundling around Norwich looking for work. While I was waiting at the bus-top back into the city I was joined by a strange looking couple. The male of the two was holding to boxes in his arms. They had bought hamsters. They imediately began to light-up their cigarretes causing a nasty smell. I was finding it hard to breath choking on their cigarrette smoke. One of them was commenting on how one of the hamsters poked its nose through one of the air holes. I'M NOT GODDAM SUPRISED !!! I WAS FINDING IT HARD TO BREATH FROM AN ARMS LENGTH AWAY, WHO KNOWS WHAT THE HAMSTER WAS GOING THROUGH WITH FAG SMOKE PIPED INTO ITS LITTLE BOX...

Bumped into Steve down Unthank road. I think he tried to sneak past unoticed but I recognised his green cap, and caught him.

Back at UEA I went to buy cheap biscuits with the very last of my small change. Walking home a girl was being draged by a youngish boy. She seemed to be crying as he yanked at her arm. I shouted over the road, "what are you doing ??" Plane as day he turned to me and said, "I'm taking her to mine." The girl didn't say anything and I watched as he lead her by the arm, away. errr... OK !!! I watched them walk away and then continued home. What can you do ???

I'm off to my parents tonight. My sister is visiting and I want to see my nephew who I haven't seen for a long time..

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