Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Feel a bit better today after Monday's fiasco...

Received a new edition of Hackin9 through the post.
Sorted 'Student Finance' for next year.
Read about 'Smashed Stack Protection' and Canary tokens.
Received a MSG on Facebook from Miyuki (someone's still speaking to me) Thanks Miyuki.
Spoke to the strange 'nose plaster' guy in UEA library. He's still got the plaster on his nose Heh_ and has a Canadian accent.
Spent all my money on chocolate, noodles and biscuits.
Did clothes washing.


Anonymous said...

Is Hackin9 worth reading? How many issues do you have? Is it all in English?

- Karagoon

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really like Hakin9. I guess you could say it is slightly script kiddie like.

The magazine is set-out into three catagories. The first catagorie's news(usually about AV software, and some advertising.) Then mostly opensource but sometimes commercial software tools for attack, with good explaination. Then the last pages defense against attack and some profile interviews with people working in the security industry. There is always a Live backtrack CD with each isssue.

Hakin9 is written in many languages, not sure about Nihongo ??? (doubt that) Still, whatever language I usually spend a good hour staring blankly at each page..

I think people submit articles like 2600 magazine??