Friday, August 28, 2009

You Got a Friend

rattled off a few copies of my CV in UEA library. Caught bus into town, as the bus was leaving campus I noticed Miyuki.

Walked about aimlessly for a few hours; not getting into too much trouble.

Adam left a load of spilt rice on the kitchen floor. It's been there for a week now. I decided to sweep and clean the kitchen. After, I went the long walk 'round to the Tesco metro to buy cheap chocolate.

Walking back from the Metro I spotted Miyuki walking towards me. I can't explain, but from quite a distance I knew it was Miyuki. She had just been to submit her dissertation. I know she was worried about her work, but seemed happy to have finally finished. Next July she will be teaching 'Development' in Tanzania. Amazing !!! I really admire what she's doing, and how adventurous she is. Miyuki mentioned to me I looked tired, she's not the first person to say that to me. I realised my eyes squint when I'm speaking to people I like. It's actually a reaction from being scared to talk to people. I guess I just have to expose myself to more women. Men I can deal with and I don't care much for them anyhow (LOL) Miyuki mentioned she will go drinking with friends to celebrate the end of her master's course, then pack her bags for her trip back home to Japan. I awkwardly said goodbye and forgot to wish her a safe journey... Safe journey Miyuki !!!

I went home and fell asleep(the power of suggestion.)

Woke from my sleep to find Adam banging the hoover against my door. He had decided to clean ??? I don't think he realised I was in my room.

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