Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't Run, Walk!!

What an insane day/night/early morning... I hope I can remember everything..

I've been walking miles and miles almost every day and night.. My feet are killing me.

Some strange incidences that happened :

I was looking at the travel section in Borders when this random guy started talking to me about Berlin and Moscow. He said he's never been abroad and has no passport. He then went on to demonstrate his prowess in speaking the German language. This would have been fine, though he just went on and on... I complimented him on how much he knew, which he then explained that he had asperges. I guess it's become abit of an obsession for him. He showed me some guide book he'd sent away for through the post. He then started to speak to another guy who was learning French. Heh_ suddenly he started to attempt French.. At this point I left him to it.. He later left saying goodbye to everyone about two or three times.

I've really given-up big time, I spent most of my day trying to start fights with people. I decided to do my best at pissing people off, I hope this is a phase. I feel like I'm being bullied, no one ever has a good word for me, and I'm always letting people get their own way.

In fact I'm typing this the next day. I had a change of heart already. Last night I had the recurring dream of trying to get away from somebody I didn't want to speak to. It's made me realise, not that I ever really impose myself on people, quite the opposite I think.

yes, I have gone insane again, I need something to occupy my time until Uni starts. Been doing lots of network scanning, and trying to understand the different types of buffer overflow at a more deeper level.

I went to an art exhibition at Norwich Art school. The exhibition was about 'China'. I found myself in a room with a model train track. The model train had a camera transmitting the image to a television in the corner of the room. Around the track was old PCB and circuit boards placed to give the impression of buildings.

I've noticed Adam starting to follow me about. When I'm upstairs he is, when I go down to the kitchen, sat in the living room. He just sits about making noise. He isn't that bad, but I don't think he's aware of what he's doing.

At night, and after a few more confrontations with various people(and I still haven't managed to be beaten-up or stabbed) I watched as a 4x4 reversed over some traffic signs a barriers, then stopped to wait at the cross roads. I walked past looking to see who was driving, as I looked-up I suddenly noticed a large lorry had mounted the pavement and was moving directly towards me. wtf?? The was nothing I could do 'cept jump out of the way before he ran me over(I'm sure this couldn't have happened to anyone else.) Further down the road, an idiot asked me if I sucked cock. I replied yes, and he said, "well, come-on then." I told him to fuck-off and continued walking to the sound of his friends in a car shouting at me. Just then I noticed the flashing lights of fire engines and ambulance. I couldn't see what had happened, but there seemed to be something major happening.

I wasn't feeling to good now, and someone was walking behind me playing happy hardcore on their mobile phone. I turned and told them that the tune on their mobile was 'way too happy.' He was wearing a track suit and had cuts all over his face. He said, " I've just been to the hospital bruv!!" He then went on to explain about how someone glassed him with a bottle in front of his girlfriend and young daughter. He said he was homeless, he showed me the massive hole in his arm where the nurses put him on a drip. Now that he was out of hospital he had decided to go to 'Bootleggers' for some drink. He went further to explain that his dad had just died. I told him in an unpatronising way that drinking was probably the last thing he should be doing. He said he understood where I was coming from and continued on... We walked past the crowds outside club PoNana or whatever it's called. The utter scum were standing around pissing on everything. Oh yeah I might have told the homeless guy that I was going to kill all these people. At that point he went quiet.

After a few more confrontations with various arseholes, I walked home stopping to sit in hedges and touching computers from graveyards.


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