Friday, August 07, 2009

Cut Loose

Being back near the city is good, at least, even though I have no money I can go off walking. My God !!! My feet are going to drop-off, so much walking and no work :/

I always return to the house and find Adam sat in his dressing gown watching DVDs, one DVD after another. Today I was tricked into watching the film 'Dark Crystal.'

We still haven't sorted a phone connection or broadband. Adam being a online gamer opts for the fastest connection money can buy (for the UK that is.)

I'm a quiet person. Adam is loud and always himself!!! If I go upstairs, so does Adam, if I goto the kitchen, he does too. Hmmm..

On the bus today I managed to catch a girls bag of food stuff from falling on the dirty bus floor. The driver jolted the bus sharply, and the girl's bag fell from the seat. My natural reaction was to grab the bag, two scones had already fallen out onto the floor. She looked at me and said thank-you in her Chinese mouse like voice. I then picked-up her bottle of water and placed it back on the seat, then watched as she retreived her scones from the floor and dusted them off. I looked at her and exclaimed, "Oh No!!," feeling sorry for her. I got no reaction, and wasn't sure if she blamed me for the scones falling out of the bag. I feel like that in most situations, like when someone drops money, no fucking way will I help pick-it-up for them. They might accuse me of trying to steal their money.

I have a queuing problem. I never like to stand too close to people in a queue. Because of this, people always push in front of me. It happened today. I was standing in line at the supermarket and only paying for one item, so it looked like I was just waiting for death, and not to pay for my one item of milk. An old woman stepped in front of me, she put all her shopping on the conveyor. I watched without saying a word. She then realised and began to apologise over and over. After I reassured her that I couldn't careless, she started to bitch to me about the woman ahead of us taking too long to pay.

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