Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fruit Juice and Fifty Pence Piece

No reason for this post - other than an odd thought that I will share with err... whoever.

um... scrap that. I changed my mind. I hate coincedence !!! There, I said it...

Or is it ?

What ?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wish is my #CMD_SHELL

Since my last post I have spent alot of time visiting hospital. Firstly I managed to fall off my bike breaking my right clavical. It didn't hurt much though I sat concussed at the side of the street waiting for the ambulance for almost one hour. While I was waiting a few street people asked me for money and cigarettes. Also, just before Christmas, I was punched in the face. Blood was dripping over my face; later it developed into a black eye. I walked through coffee shop in the Forum to get tissue for my wound, I was alittle embarrassed. Everything is just trouble at the moment... though I probably been asking for it... work, famly life, money. I'll see what else I can get people to break for me for 2011.