Monday, March 24, 2008

This is M3WZJ

I opened my curtain this morning to find it's been snowing outside, I'm feeling so cold. Haven't left the house for a few days. I went to catch a bus on Friday, but hadn't realised the buses weren't running. Easter holiday. Finally I received my Radio License and call sign: M3_WZJ

Friday, March 21, 2008

Second life LUG

I've been trying to meet people on the Second Life Linux user group. Tonight I had a good conversation with nikita... but it seems I need to sort-out the proper times to attend the English meeting...Nikita is an German system Admin' who is running Solaris and Linux in his / her work life. You can connect to SLLUG inworld by simple internet relay chat...on and the #LUG channel... joining this channel enables you to chat with the second life residents and the people using irc client.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Went to a talk about power supply units. I already knew most of what was said. But it was good revision and I obviously didn't know everything.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Love Shack baby !!!

Spent the day with the rest of the candidates for the 'Foundation Amateur Radio License.' After some revision we completed practical tests in ....Morse code, Radio shack setup, and making our first contacts using VHF and HF. Also some simple tests on tuning a radio to 20 Meter CX , PSK31 and RTTY. RTTY and SSTV look to be an interesting area to explore.

After all the practical tests, we set a formal multi-choice exam of 24 questions. Thankfully I passed and will now apply for my foundation user, callsign. I could have done better, but I'm happy enough with my results. I must say thank-you to all the Narc tutors for their help. Their time and knowledge they give for free.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Time for Stormy Weather

There has been storm warnings all over the news_I spent the day learning morse. Outside in the garden things were a mess. My dads shed door has been blown off its hinges. My parent have been lucky enough to escape the weather and gone to their apartment in Portugal, for three weeks.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

CQ, CQ, CQ.....

Simon arrived 7:30 this morning. Today I begin my Foundation Amateur Radio Licence. I showed Simon a shortcut to Great Ellingham. Despite the fact that I spent most of my life growing-up near this area, I totally forgot the difference between Hingham and Ellingham. No real problem. A call came in on Simon's radio shack from Rex the other instructor to confirm his position. We arrived ahead of everyone else.

Simons main line of work is as a crab fisherman at Blakeney. Because of the weather he hasn't been able to fish. I think he said during this down time he's been repairing the boat. What he hadn't told me before is that he has done a computer science degree, and he use to code COBOL. Why would he tell people this ? I guess it wouldn't mean much to most people, but for me ... I was well impressed.

David the chairman has his own company that makes data-loggers for schools. Narc is lucky in that David lets members use his facilities for training. He has a real cool building built next to his house with meeting room and a set-up for projector+white board.

After some coffee, Rex and David gave a short welcome and the course began. There was twelve of us including instructors. There was two younger members one being about 14 or 13 maybe older...and another with his father aged eleven. My god this eleven year old was so switched on. Each person around the room introduced themselves and Charlie the eleven year old boy was no exception : ) and very sure of himself.

We had a great time talking about radio and looking at aerials / antenna...

You Do The Math.....

Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Not Brighton Rock...

It was a nice day. I didn't want to waste it, and just stay indoors. I have been thinking a lot about visiting Brighton. Maybe I will when it gets warmer. Instead I took the bus to Sheringham. There's a coffee shop in Sheringham that I use, but haven't been to, in a long while. I never hold much confidence that they remember me, but they usually will ask me if I'm allright.

I ordered a tuna sandwich and coffee; and sat down to watch people pass in the street. The coffee shop is very vibrant and makes me think I'm on the set for the Australian Tv program 'Home and Away.' All the walls have mirrors to make the room seem larger, and you can't help look at yourself and the other customers.

After a walk along the seafront and a visit to the health food shop (damn someone has already given them hundreds of Buddhist leaflets :) I made my way home safe in the knowledge that no work was done today. The bus stopped in the local school to pickup loads of school The kids use the term 'publicans' for other passengers. I think I might have to email their headmaster and tell them the pupils don't know what a publican is ...MWAHAHAH!!! ...maybe not.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Carl Sanders

Whilst walking the streets of Norwich looking for Job agencies, I was stopped by a guy who handed me some leaflets detailling his view on the state of the world today. Of course, he was a 'born again chhristian. The leaflets contained information about implants and barcodes and the odd quotation from the bible. I don't think he was use to someone actually taking the time to listen to him. At one point he pulled-out a handful of Euro coins. Pointing at the back of the coin he said something about," look at the horns."

I had to be in Cromer to attend a meeting to see why I haven't got a job yet. before the interview I went for a walk on the beach.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Spent the last couple of days curling-up and waiting to die. I prescribed myself cake and the group 'Underworld.' Travelled on the bus into Norwich. In Norwich I looked in bins for my new employer. After finding no clues for work I walked from the city to Norwich Airport for the Norwich Amateur Radio Club.

People at the club had brought old equipment to sell. I met Simon, the guy that usually gives me a lift. Simon had done a spot of impulse buying and had bought himself a power supply. After some chat and browsing David the chairman read-out some notices. There's some good stuff to be looking forward to in the near future. One of which being a visit on Friday to a bunker to hear about Norwich's RAYNET. Simon kindly gave me a lift home. Sunday i will begin my 'Foundation Amateur Radio Licence.'

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

LM Hashes

Having good rainbow tables is essential for any good hacker / pen tester. A rainbow table for cracking local machine hashes that include every possible character should be around 32GB in size. Average crack time being 53 minutes.

You can either buy or build your own rainbow tables or download from bitTorrent. Rainbow tables are created using the program 'rtgen' or for windows 'winrtgen.'

BitTorrent tables maybe obtained for free at
Rainbowtables can be bought on removable media or preloaded hard drives.
You can pay for a subscription to Rainbow-crack online Which seems to be offline at time of writting.

The NTLM Protocol

Rainbow Tables

Project Rainbowcrack