Friday, March 07, 2008

It's Not Brighton Rock...

It was a nice day. I didn't want to waste it, and just stay indoors. I have been thinking a lot about visiting Brighton. Maybe I will when it gets warmer. Instead I took the bus to Sheringham. There's a coffee shop in Sheringham that I use, but haven't been to, in a long while. I never hold much confidence that they remember me, but they usually will ask me if I'm allright.

I ordered a tuna sandwich and coffee; and sat down to watch people pass in the street. The coffee shop is very vibrant and makes me think I'm on the set for the Australian Tv program 'Home and Away.' All the walls have mirrors to make the room seem larger, and you can't help look at yourself and the other customers.

After a walk along the seafront and a visit to the health food shop (damn someone has already given them hundreds of Buddhist leaflets :) I made my way home safe in the knowledge that no work was done today. The bus stopped in the local school to pickup loads of school The kids use the term 'publicans' for other passengers. I think I might have to email their headmaster and tell them the pupils don't know what a publican is ...MWAHAHAH!!! ...maybe not.

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