Sunday, March 16, 2008

Love Shack baby !!!

Spent the day with the rest of the candidates for the 'Foundation Amateur Radio License.' After some revision we completed practical tests in ....Morse code, Radio shack setup, and making our first contacts using VHF and HF. Also some simple tests on tuning a radio to 20 Meter CX , PSK31 and RTTY. RTTY and SSTV look to be an interesting area to explore.

After all the practical tests, we set a formal multi-choice exam of 24 questions. Thankfully I passed and will now apply for my foundation user, callsign. I could have done better, but I'm happy enough with my results. I must say thank-you to all the Narc tutors for their help. Their time and knowledge they give for free.


Anonymous said...

I can`t believe you are becoming 31337! I`m going to have to start learning stuff!

- Karagoon

Bigm000 said...

Hahaha !!! We will get there...