Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maths for Dummies

Before traveling into Norwich City centre I thought it might be wise to purchase a yearly bus pass. After locating the campus travel shop I found it wasn't open yet. Six other people all waited for the shop to open in silence. Finally we all entered me being last. Two people serving and only one till in operation. The lady whos chip 'n' pin terminal wasn't working kept calling a special troubleshoot hotline. After waiting for eternity I was served, and charged £148 for my pass. Half an hour wait for what should have been five minutes at the very least.

I caught the next bus into Norwich where the driver didn't even really look at the pass, just nodded. I walked to the Buddhist centre to find Sudakani and Pandmadaka and Julian and all the rest cleaning. The was another order member helping today that hadn't previously. I recognised him from the Oriental Arts Centre where he says he practices Karate. After coffee and cake I caught the bus back to listen to a math lecture.

The math lecture was awful, it was very basic. Though i shouldn't open my big mouth as it may get very difficult very suddenly. I sat quietly listening. I thing part of it is that there are many international students, so they start from the basics...the very basics..think rational numbers and real numbers. After, i tried to ask the lecturer a question about last weeks test to see what level we are at. He wasn't very helpful.

I walked about the science and mathematics schools for awhile looking for the pigeon holes used for mail delivery. I then went to the main post room to see if anything had been delivered from home. nothing...

Sad as it is, I went back into the city and bought a one person cafetiere and some ground coffee.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cherie Stare

According to my timetable I had a Lab sesson today. I left it fairly late before I decided to find which room I had to be in. Firstly I went to the completely wrong building, then, when I did find the right room there was a notice, saying, this session will now be held in SCI120. On the way I bumped into someone on the same course who told me everything had changed and we had to be in the Lab for 10am. Instead i went for coffee where i met the guy from Malaysia (who has never heard of hack in the box...blw) I showed him some of the new books I had bought, which he then decided he had better buy them too. 10 minutes later he returned with a grin and one new text book. He pulled-out a to-do list, and crossed off one item, it looked to be a long list. Apparently as part of his visa he has to report to the police.

Three of us walked to the computer lab and met with the others. Nobody turned-up to tell us what to do, so we just sat cheking email. After an hour of this I left to go back to my room.

Later on in the evening I went to look around the sqaure where a local news crew were interviewing students about debt. I walked right behind them hoping to get on television. There seemed to be lots of security and police about. Cherie Blair was on campus for the Literary festival. I found the room in Union house where Adrian Ramsay was giving a talk at the first term's meeting of the Greenparty. It was good though he had to speak loadly over the drums being set-up from in the LCR.

I went to do some late-night food shopping, and I've eat lots of doughnuts.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Return of Book Boy_

I finally received part of the payment of my Student loan. As soon as I woke-up this morning, I immediately went to the campus bookshop to buy 'Basic Information Systems Analysis and Design' by Myrvin Chester and Avtar Athwall, £39.99 (FUCK!!) I also bought 'Foundation math' Anthony Croft and Robert Davison. The math book came with a electronic resource and cost £31.99 (DOUBLE FUCK!!) I returned to my room. After unwrapping the math book from its cellophane I found it's at the same standard as GCSE. I hope they will be teaching us something abit more challenging.

I had coffee and two slices of pizza in the 'Zest' student canteen. I thought these places were supposed to be cheap. It is not!

I've been speaking with a Greek guy in my flat, who seems to really hate Muslims. It's actually quite funny. The Greek guy has met a Japanese girl on campus, and when I returned to find them in the kitchen I introduced myself, in what I consider to be perfect Japanese. Hahah!! the look on his face, '1 point' to the nerd!! YAY!! Or should that be, 'point at the nerd!!' Booo!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dead Tooth

Woke up late, around 8:30, walked to the Community Hospital Dental Practice, stopping at the Tesco Express for orange and to use the cash machine.

Waited about half an hour for my treatment. After an x-ray, it was decided that two of my teeth were dead. Root canal surgery on one tooth and prescription of antibiotics, at a charge of 16 quid. The lady dentist kept talking about the puss EWW!! I was just in time to get back for a lecture on the history of computing.

While waiting in the hall for my lecture a girl spoke to me, and I couldn't answer because of the injection, just my luck.

The guy taking the lecture wore an Amnesty International T-shirt, this all I noticed. He asked everyone to, one by one, introduce themselves and about what they have been doing previously, "and if you've been in prison just make something up," for some reason everyone laughed at that. So, I had to introduce myself with a numb face and now he thinks I must have some speech impediment. Oh yeah, I half lied, I said I have been working as an electronics engineer, not, claiming free money and laying in bed. During his talk he mentioned, Von Neumann, but not Hiroshima; but he did mention Turing being hounded to his death, which was good.

After I went to find the local chemist was closed and will be for the rest of the week. Walked into the city via Unthank Road and bought the antibiotics from a chemist there, for 7 quid. It was late in the day and I couldn't find a newspaper shop that still had a copy the Guardian anywhere; the people in Marizamom kindly gave me their copy, with the technology issue I like.

Saw a guy who is on my course and just arrived from Malaysia Kuala Lumpa, that's so good. next time I see him I will ask if he attended Hack in the Box. Sat with some school girls back to Holt on the bus. When I got back home in Holt I gathered some more maths books to take back with me. Watched a Eastenders and Friends with my dad, then latter they gave me a lift back to University. My other flatmates were sitting in the kitchen and seemed to be having a discussion about mange dogs, and the RSPCA. Saw my parents off, and watched the news online Iplayer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Face ROTT32

Couldn't sleep my face has swollen-up with a abscess. I went to the Library to collect my campus card, complete with beardy photo.

I've tried to make a dentist appointment at the Mediacl Centre, but they said the quickest they could see me would be the 10 October, they're over-subscribed. They gave me directions to the Siskin centre instead.

Walked to the Siskin centre where they said they could only accept emergency appointments. I said that it was an emergency appointment, then they said ok and took my details, telling me to return tomorrow at 10 am. walked back to campus in pain, arriving just in time to take-part in a lipreading test.

We sat in the lecture theatre as about fifty clips of someone speaking one word in silence was shown. We did about three sets of these, firstly, recognise the word, then, recognise the constanent, then, sets of spoken vowels. I sat with a guy on my course who looked as if he gave-up after the first round, and kept falling asleep.

I went to look in the lCR at the Socmart, and put my name down for the FWBO Buddhist group, the green party and Stop the war, and also the Japan society. I think I may have given some people the incorrect email address.

I tried the campus coffee shop they short changed me five pounds, change from a ten pound note. But they didn't argue after I challenged them. Wont sleep well again tonight

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The day started well and early. I woke-up about 5am and went for a run around the lake. There wasn't many people about except Muslims going to the Islamic centre. After my run I went to see how many people were in the SportsPark Gym, 6am seems to be a good time to go. Not too busy..

At 9am I went to another of the many introductory talk given by Dr Ben Millner. he just outlined the structure of our course and showed some graphs about who is doing what. Then also today I have registered for the Foundation Basic maths which is like A level crammed into one year. I also had one lab session and a talk by the head of research telling us what research the University is doing.

  • Searching for song titles by recognising the musical signature

  • Facial recognition and Lipreading

  • Urban modelling

  • Data mining Forensics

  • Modeling Plant Growth (Virtual Plants)

  • Then unfortunately the security and local police arrived to give a talk on site security.
    I have the worst toothache. I went to the local Pharmacist to buy Clove oil, it doesn't really help much. I then caught the bus into the City to eat noodle. The Forum coffee shop seemed to be closed as there was some Indian dancers outside and they were selling plastic elephants ? wtf...don't ask me... A little man on the door wearing an ear piece told me I couldn't go inside.

    The Special Zero Year, Lab Rats...

    I've managed to get my arse into gear and move into Constable Terrace. It took two trips to move all my stuff in, and I still have loads of books waiting at home.

    It took awhile to get a networked computer running. First you need to be issued a User/Pass to register your NIC's mac address with the system.

    When I first arrived to collect my key I was greeted on the door by police handing-out leaflets and advice about property theft. Quite frankly the police are the last people I want to see on arrival with their friendly pepper spray and fake smile. After some queueing I was asked to sign my residence license and given a pack containing a dimple key (Good :) and a temporary swipe card.

    My room is situated close to the Sainsbury centre and also the Islamic Centre. There's a bus-stop just outside my window, I have already heard some interested conversations from the people waiting for a bus.

    So far I have attended some introductory talks by the director and head of the computer school. it seems that my course, being the first year to run, is special; there seems to be just nineteen of us.

    I'm off for an early morning run around the lake..Thanks for sharing!!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Sensei Kanojo

    Many things happened, I'm a bit pissed-off!!!!

    All day I have had this song by the Manics running through my head...
    It was written as a reaction to the glorification of serial killers in film and literature.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    DIY for Dead People

    Went house hunting with my Uncle and Auntie. The first place we looked at was an old cottage set on it's own in the country. The cottage was unoccupied. As we all got out of the car to take a look around, I couldn't help imagine we were in a film. Like a Comedy Strip Horror film; we all laughed and chatted as dark forces lay in wait. There was quite abit of land with two old barns, as we looked inside one barn a large white Owl escaped.

    We looked at other places but nothing worth mentioning. The woman's voice on my Uncles sat-nav was rather fun. If you took a wrong turn her voice would gradually sound more angry.

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Wondering in Wells-Next-the-Sea

    Today we played back garden Ping-Pong, and went for a beach walk at Wells-Next-the-Sea. Not much happend just fresh sea air, oh, and a seagull managed a direct hit to the side of my face.

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    See the Sea

    Another day and another walk. This time starting from West Runton, over the Beeston Bump, and back again. Townies might make the mistake of walking along the beach, it's better to walk along the cliff top.

    During World War II the Beeston Bump was a 'Signals Intelligence site'. Operated by a range of agencies including Marconi Company and the Foreign office. Known as a 'Y-Station' signals would be collected and if encrypted sent to Bletchley park or Room 40 in London for decoding.

    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    As Free as the Wind Blows

    My parents cancelled their camping weekend because of the strange weather we're experiencing. So instead, my uncle and aunty have come to visit.

    Today we went for a walk at How Hill, part of the Norfolk Broads. The weather was nice, and there was a coach load of French tourists. I had a look in the old Marshman's cottage, 'Toad Hole cottage'. There was a story about how in olden-times people liked to have toads in their gardens, because they got rid of the slugs. So, people would get toads and put them in their garden. Of course, if a woman was found to be keeping a toad as a pet, she would have been accused of witchcraft and hung.

    In the picture below you can see a pair of boots, next to the fire place. I was alittle tempted to exchange my old walking boots, for those in the picture..actually I might have had the waist coat as well; they can keep the socks...Hahaah!!!

    There's a documentary on myspace Edge Tv, about the Gary McKinnon case...
    Link: Gary McKinnon

    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    The Hentai Tramp..

    Read in the Guardian newspaper today about WikiGenes, a new style Wiki that allows users to click on text and see who the author was. Hopefully giving the piece an air of authority and trust. Also there was an article mentioning 'The Last Hope'. The guy from MythBusters (Adam Savage)told everyone at the conference that the programme, MythBusters, wouldn't make an episode on RFID because 'Discovery Channel' wouldn't allow them to. This turned out to be untrue and Adam has had to now retract his statement AWWW!!! :D The was also some article on website flipping.

    Drank coffee in Bar Manzanos, or what ever you call it; the one in the Forum. I made a little thumb sketch of one of the waitresses that work there; she had a nice face with good cheek bones. I saw Alex, who I might add was looking very well, unfortunately he didn't see me and I'm not the kind of person to shout across a crowded room.

    I spent some time sitting in the park. I was thinking about how it would be a bad thing to hit people back in the street. I was watching people in the park, and asking myself the question, would I be happy to watch them die.errr.. I finally saw reason and walked back into the City centre to go eat noodles.

    Wasted alot of time in the noodle place listening to the Chinese pop music that they play, sat watching people pass on the street and thinking about the value of money and status in society, utter rubbish really... I won't say more, hehe, I'm such a fool.

    Wondered down to the river, and as usual there were only drunk people to be found. I spoke to a drunk tramp for abit; the second person to speak to me today. We walked together out of Cathedral Close and I left him shouting at an illegally parked 4x4.

    I had a good martial arts lesson and was given 9th Kyu. I was happy about this, as now I don't have to wear that silly white belt. HOORAH!!!

    Friday, September 05, 2008

    Fire, Snore with Me_

    At the Buddhist centre today, there was another person dressed in the same cloths as me. After jokingly bringing this to his attention, he said, " yeah, I'm currently moving house." Booo YAHHH!!!.. he was wearing his old clothes to move house : /


    I had to go into Marks and Spencers to look for stuff for University, didn't see anything i liked. But the prices were cheap, so I'll probably just get any old stuff..

    drank coffee, ate noodles, walked in the rain...

    Watched: Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    Getting a Little Distance

    Watched the film Quadrophenia last night. It was good to see it again. Quadrophenia made me want to watch EasyRider, so I did.

    My bank has stollen 75 quid off of me, criminals !!!

    I continue to learn japanese adjectives, and hang about in Second Life. Good old Boldy was in Second Life. I think I have known him almost one year, he showed me a picture of what he looks like in real life, LMAO !!!! Hahahaha!!! just Joking Boldy, it's good to be able to put a face to the Sl character.

    I joined the Facebook group for the up and coming chaos computer congress and HAR2009. It's suprising the number of people you find on Facebook. People you wouldn't think would be on there, and people you didn't want on there.