Monday, September 29, 2008

Cherie Stare

According to my timetable I had a Lab sesson today. I left it fairly late before I decided to find which room I had to be in. Firstly I went to the completely wrong building, then, when I did find the right room there was a notice, saying, this session will now be held in SCI120. On the way I bumped into someone on the same course who told me everything had changed and we had to be in the Lab for 10am. Instead i went for coffee where i met the guy from Malaysia (who has never heard of hack in the box...blw) I showed him some of the new books I had bought, which he then decided he had better buy them too. 10 minutes later he returned with a grin and one new text book. He pulled-out a to-do list, and crossed off one item, it looked to be a long list. Apparently as part of his visa he has to report to the police.

Three of us walked to the computer lab and met with the others. Nobody turned-up to tell us what to do, so we just sat cheking email. After an hour of this I left to go back to my room.

Later on in the evening I went to look around the sqaure where a local news crew were interviewing students about debt. I walked right behind them hoping to get on television. There seemed to be lots of security and police about. Cherie Blair was on campus for the Literary festival. I found the room in Union house where Adrian Ramsay was giving a talk at the first term's meeting of the Greenparty. It was good though he had to speak loadly over the drums being set-up from in the LCR.

I went to do some late-night food shopping, and I've eat lots of doughnuts.

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