Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Face ROTT32

Couldn't sleep my face has swollen-up with a abscess. I went to the Library to collect my campus card, complete with beardy photo.

I've tried to make a dentist appointment at the Mediacl Centre, but they said the quickest they could see me would be the 10 October, they're over-subscribed. They gave me directions to the Siskin centre instead.

Walked to the Siskin centre where they said they could only accept emergency appointments. I said that it was an emergency appointment, then they said ok and took my details, telling me to return tomorrow at 10 am. walked back to campus in pain, arriving just in time to take-part in a lipreading test.

We sat in the lecture theatre as about fifty clips of someone speaking one word in silence was shown. We did about three sets of these, firstly, recognise the word, then, recognise the constanent, then, sets of spoken vowels. I sat with a guy on my course who looked as if he gave-up after the first round, and kept falling asleep.

I went to look in the lCR at the Socmart, and put my name down for the FWBO Buddhist group, the green party and Stop the war, and also the Japan society. I think I may have given some people the incorrect email address.

I tried the campus coffee shop they short changed me five pounds, change from a ten pound note. But they didn't argue after I challenged them. Wont sleep well again tonight

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