Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The day started well and early. I woke-up about 5am and went for a run around the lake. There wasn't many people about except Muslims going to the Islamic centre. After my run I went to see how many people were in the SportsPark Gym, 6am seems to be a good time to go. Not too busy..

At 9am I went to another of the many introductory talk given by Dr Ben Millner. he just outlined the structure of our course and showed some graphs about who is doing what. Then also today I have registered for the Foundation Basic maths which is like A level crammed into one year. I also had one lab session and a talk by the head of research telling us what research the University is doing.

  • Searching for song titles by recognising the musical signature

  • Facial recognition and Lipreading

  • Urban modelling

  • Data mining Forensics

  • Modeling Plant Growth (Virtual Plants)

  • Then unfortunately the security and local police arrived to give a talk on site security.
    I have the worst toothache. I went to the local Pharmacist to buy Clove oil, it doesn't really help much. I then caught the bus into the City to eat noodle. The Forum coffee shop seemed to be closed as there was some Indian dancers outside and they were selling plastic elephants ? wtf...don't ask me... A little man on the door wearing an ear piece told me I couldn't go inside.

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