Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dead Tooth

Woke up late, around 8:30, walked to the Community Hospital Dental Practice, stopping at the Tesco Express for orange and to use the cash machine.

Waited about half an hour for my treatment. After an x-ray, it was decided that two of my teeth were dead. Root canal surgery on one tooth and prescription of antibiotics, at a charge of 16 quid. The lady dentist kept talking about the puss EWW!! I was just in time to get back for a lecture on the history of computing.

While waiting in the hall for my lecture a girl spoke to me, and I couldn't answer because of the injection, just my luck.

The guy taking the lecture wore an Amnesty International T-shirt, this all I noticed. He asked everyone to, one by one, introduce themselves and about what they have been doing previously, "and if you've been in prison just make something up," for some reason everyone laughed at that. So, I had to introduce myself with a numb face and now he thinks I must have some speech impediment. Oh yeah, I half lied, I said I have been working as an electronics engineer, not, claiming free money and laying in bed. During his talk he mentioned, Von Neumann, but not Hiroshima; but he did mention Turing being hounded to his death, which was good.

After I went to find the local chemist was closed and will be for the rest of the week. Walked into the city via Unthank Road and bought the antibiotics from a chemist there, for 7 quid. It was late in the day and I couldn't find a newspaper shop that still had a copy the Guardian anywhere; the people in Marizamom kindly gave me their copy, with the technology issue I like.

Saw a guy who is on my course and just arrived from Malaysia Kuala Lumpa, that's so good. next time I see him I will ask if he attended Hack in the Box. Sat with some school girls back to Holt on the bus. When I got back home in Holt I gathered some more maths books to take back with me. Watched a Eastenders and Friends with my dad, then latter they gave me a lift back to University. My other flatmates were sitting in the kitchen and seemed to be having a discussion about mange dogs, and the RSPCA. Saw my parents off, and watched the news online Iplayer.

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