Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Special Zero Year, Lab Rats...

I've managed to get my arse into gear and move into Constable Terrace. It took two trips to move all my stuff in, and I still have loads of books waiting at home.

It took awhile to get a networked computer running. First you need to be issued a User/Pass to register your NIC's mac address with the system.

When I first arrived to collect my key I was greeted on the door by police handing-out leaflets and advice about property theft. Quite frankly the police are the last people I want to see on arrival with their friendly pepper spray and fake smile. After some queueing I was asked to sign my residence license and given a pack containing a dimple key (Good :) and a temporary swipe card.

My room is situated close to the Sainsbury centre and also the Islamic Centre. There's a bus-stop just outside my window, I have already heard some interested conversations from the people waiting for a bus.

So far I have attended some introductory talks by the director and head of the computer school. it seems that my course, being the first year to run, is special; there seems to be just nineteen of us.

I'm off for an early morning run around the lake..Thanks for sharing!!

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