Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Return of Book Boy_

I finally received part of the payment of my Student loan. As soon as I woke-up this morning, I immediately went to the campus bookshop to buy 'Basic Information Systems Analysis and Design' by Myrvin Chester and Avtar Athwall, £39.99 (FUCK!!) I also bought 'Foundation math' Anthony Croft and Robert Davison. The math book came with a electronic resource and cost £31.99 (DOUBLE FUCK!!) I returned to my room. After unwrapping the math book from its cellophane I found it's at the same standard as GCSE. I hope they will be teaching us something abit more challenging.

I had coffee and two slices of pizza in the 'Zest' student canteen. I thought these places were supposed to be cheap. It is not!

I've been speaking with a Greek guy in my flat, who seems to really hate Muslims. It's actually quite funny. The Greek guy has met a Japanese girl on campus, and when I returned to find them in the kitchen I introduced myself, in what I consider to be perfect Japanese. Hahah!! the look on his face, '1 point' to the nerd!! YAY!! Or should that be, 'point at the nerd!!' Booo!!!

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