Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maths for Dummies

Before traveling into Norwich City centre I thought it might be wise to purchase a yearly bus pass. After locating the campus travel shop I found it wasn't open yet. Six other people all waited for the shop to open in silence. Finally we all entered me being last. Two people serving and only one till in operation. The lady whos chip 'n' pin terminal wasn't working kept calling a special troubleshoot hotline. After waiting for eternity I was served, and charged £148 for my pass. Half an hour wait for what should have been five minutes at the very least.

I caught the next bus into Norwich where the driver didn't even really look at the pass, just nodded. I walked to the Buddhist centre to find Sudakani and Pandmadaka and Julian and all the rest cleaning. The was another order member helping today that hadn't previously. I recognised him from the Oriental Arts Centre where he says he practices Karate. After coffee and cake I caught the bus back to listen to a math lecture.

The math lecture was awful, it was very basic. Though i shouldn't open my big mouth as it may get very difficult very suddenly. I sat quietly listening. I thing part of it is that there are many international students, so they start from the basics...the very basics..think rational numbers and real numbers. After, i tried to ask the lecturer a question about last weeks test to see what level we are at. He wasn't very helpful.

I walked about the science and mathematics schools for awhile looking for the pigeon holes used for mail delivery. I then went to the main post room to see if anything had been delivered from home. nothing...

Sad as it is, I went back into the city and bought a one person cafetiere and some ground coffee.

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