Saturday, September 13, 2008

As Free as the Wind Blows

My parents cancelled their camping weekend because of the strange weather we're experiencing. So instead, my uncle and aunty have come to visit.

Today we went for a walk at How Hill, part of the Norfolk Broads. The weather was nice, and there was a coach load of French tourists. I had a look in the old Marshman's cottage, 'Toad Hole cottage'. There was a story about how in olden-times people liked to have toads in their gardens, because they got rid of the slugs. So, people would get toads and put them in their garden. Of course, if a woman was found to be keeping a toad as a pet, she would have been accused of witchcraft and hung.

In the picture below you can see a pair of boots, next to the fire place. I was alittle tempted to exchange my old walking boots, for those in the picture..actually I might have had the waist coat as well; they can keep the socks...Hahaah!!!

There's a documentary on myspace Edge Tv, about the Gary McKinnon case...
Link: Gary McKinnon

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