Sunday, December 30, 2007

Red Gloucester

I just read slightly old news; the first known case of copyright infringement against the owner of a server hosting links to material and not the material itself in the UK.

FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) arrested the 26 year old in a dawn raid. It seems here at the end of December 2007 that he wasn't the only victim of large Corporations, and their influence. There have been other raids since. With significant confiscation of computer equipment.

"However, Kim Walker, head of intellectual property at law firm Pinsent Masons said it was not clear how the provision of links could be prosecuted as a criminal offence.

"We don't have an offence in the UK for facilitation of copyright infringement," he said.

Copyright Offences carry a maximum penalty of 10 years' imprisonment and unlimited fines."Click Here

Somebody at the CCC got arrested for using TV-Bgone in Alexanderplatz. I hope it wasn't Mitch Altman ( Maltman, hehe...))

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Fudge Factor

Spent the day trying to watch the CCC stream. Actually left the house to buy cake at one point. Obviously this meant I had to shower, wear clothes, and breath fresh air like normal people.

The day was very nice bright and fresh. Makes me want to go surfing. The last couple of days I have had strange dreams... four in one night....

One was I'm in a surfing team and everyone else are non-surfers. being the only surfer I'm not chosen and I feel angry about this. I laugh as one of the team gets dumped onto the shore head first by a large wave. There's a group photo taken and everyone else has a bruised bloody face. I'm happy and feel justified.

Second dream smoking cigarttes whilst driving my VW Super beetle on a warm day. It doesn't matter how long you give-up smoking, many years latter you will still dream of it.

i think there was two other, but my brain isn't leting me remember...

At the CCC they had a demo' about data retention and surveillance in Alexandaplatz...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Arbeiten aus dem bett

I'm still in my pyjamas. Been in bed all day, getting up only to make tea.

It's the second day of the 'Chaos Computer Congress' and I've been watching the lectures via the stream found here:

There's two more days left.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I've had an interesting visitor to my main webpage hosted on freeshell. The visitor seems to have come from a network named' QinetiQ-TIM (trusted information managment.)

Wikipedia page:

A strange thing has happend. I've logged into freeshell to edit my main page. All references and links about Gary McKinnon have dissappeared. I'll put them back in a few days time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

can't think what to put here so here's a media file from my website:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Bradgate Park

Spent the day keeping my niece and nephew entertained. They are quite young so basically all I do is be a monster and chase them, or, turn 'Children's BBC' on. They've also started using the computer and it's surprising just how well they find their way around a CD-Rom. I'm currently reading the book 'Kismet' by jacob Arjouni.

My sister always makes nice food for lunch; she's a vegetarian like me. Unfortunately my, " I'm not drinking alcohol" may have been compromised. When I visit my sister I defrag all her computers and fix the wireless. Some people say that cooking makes them relax, I get great satisfaction from purging system files and defragmenting hard drives :))))

Just before dark we went to Bradgate Park for a walk. I guess mainly to try tire the children so that they will sleep tonight, my nephew is so excited!!

Tonight I watched 'Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo'.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Travelled to Leicester to be with family for Christmas. During the journey I read about 'GINA' (Graphical Identification And Authorization) MSGINA.DLL, race conditions, windows Hooks, Import Address Tables Hooking, EAT Hooking and other related stuff.

One noticeable thing when driving through Leicester is the lack of Christmas decoration. I guess according to a survey in 2001 44.7% identify themselves as Christian. Maybe another 30% agnostic. 26% other.

At night I watched 'Herbie Rides Again' on my laptop :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

ばか やろ of Holt

heh, more spam blog titles....

Waited outside the pub in Holt for the 2 o'clock bus. This guy who I've been trying to ignore stood outside smoking. In the end I had to talk to him just to be polite. The more we spoke the more it was obvious that we were completely different.

I had 20 minutes to kill, so I went for a walk. Suddenly a fight broke-out. You know the sort that happens when they have a friend to stop them. I watched to see if there was anything I could do. It was over quickly, and the guy walked away shouting to the other guy, " if I see your face again your dead!!"

On the bus I read about double return address exploitation using the EIP register and structured exception handler(SEH) as a fail safe. In Norwich I had a look around the cathedral; bought some book tokens and drank coffee. Damn, I accidently bought another book on reading Japanese 'Reading Japanese Today' by Len Walsh'. I read almost half of the thing on the way home....well the print is large and it has only 159 pages.

When I got back to Holt I noticed the traffic lights had gone wrong. They kept changing from stop to start every few seconds, I'm very sad so I stood and filmed it for your viewing pleasure. Whilst buying cake and crisps in the local supermarket I was suprised to see a police man ( I said there would be police now we have christmas lights ;) I told him about the traffic lights, but he seemed to want to have a conversation with me, after awhile I got the feeling he suspected me of something.

At home I drank tea, eat crisps and mince pies. Played Second Life hanging around 'Japan Resort'. There was supposed to be a christmas party at Harajuku but I guess the sim got full quickly. BTW I'm Moe Mulford in SL....Moe in Japanese is something that Otaku say... I think it means a nice feeling :)))

Off to Leicester tomorrow!!

OK, Everyone sing after me:

" I like traffic....Lights!!"

" I like traffic....Lights!!"...." I like traffic....Lights!!"

The Bigm00b_

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Normal for Norfolk

Please don't laugh :) hehe

I saw the reporter John Francis once in a changing room at 'Cromer Country Club'. At first hearing his voice I thought someone had left a television on. Then I realised; I smiled and didn't really know whether I should say hello. He must get that from people all the time :)

Pain Ray

Active Denial System now being tested by the US Military. it's designed to cause excruciating pain without injury by projecting a beam of energy about two meters across. Victims describe the sensation as like a giant hairdryer on maximum heat.

Informally know as the 'Pain Ray', producing a beam of short-wavelength microwaves that penetrate about 0.4mm into the skin, rapidly heating the epidermis. heating skin to 55C causes intolerable pain. Intensity of the beam varies with range.

Dr Juergen Altmann a physicist with the Bochum Verification project calculates there's a dangerous and narrow safety margin.

In April the system underwent field testing. A report on a testing accident was obtained recently by journalist Sharon Weinberger using the Freedom of Information Act. The maximum range is classified but thought to be 750 metres. According to the report ADS operator P4 set power to 100% for four-second duration, so as to be effective at long range. A problem prevented the test from taking place- the system's magnet requires supercooling and can be temperamental in hot weather. moving onto the next scenario the crew forgot to change the setting. When the system was fired the Role Player P3 immediately knew he had received a stronger than usual shot from the ADS. The description of the injuries had been censored from the report. Clearly the safeguards do not prevent operator error says Dr Altmann.

...from 'The Guardian newspaper' December 13th.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Went to job centre it was crap...
I think I might have forgotten how to speak to people..

I received three cold calls today all from the same person....

Morning time," Hello I'm calling from three 'C'. Is it possible for you to answer some questions?"
I'm friendly and polite," No sorry, I'm busy at the moment." caller,"OK thank-you Sir goodbye."

Lunch time same guy," Hello my name is James. I'm calling from 3 'c'."
Hmmm.. I guess you might get Indians called James,"Sorry no, I'm busy."
James," Oh, I'm sorry Bye."

One hour latter," hello my name is Jack, I'm calling from 3 'c'."
Hmmm... the same guy an hour latter," THIS IS THE THIRD TIME YOU'VE CALLED!!!"
Jack :/ ,"OH sorry."

I recorded yesterday's BBC lunchtime drama about Gary McKinnon. You can DL it here:
Mp3 file
Ogg file

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Positive Posting

Recently I've been receiving only good-news through my letter box. Just the other day I was given a cheque, for a small amount that was left on the American Express Card I used last year in New York. Then I was pleased to see a package from Warsaw, which was the fist installment of my two year subscription to 'Hakin9 magazine'. It gave me the same feeling I had when I first received 2600 magazine. I read Hakin9 from cover to cover and wasn't disappointed.

Using miro, I have been enjoying a video cast called 'Bastard Son of a Dial-Up'.

For some time now I have had the material and means to make some home brew 'Hardware Key Loggers' maybe I feel a little better, and will start my little project...

:))) HOOrah!!!

The new's today reported on plans for the government to ban Samurai swords, Martial Artists will have to demonstrate affiliation to a group. This seems good, but people who follow true Budo maybe mistaken for terrorists. Is this a concern ? Just another way to compile a list and a new database, maybe.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bloody Sunday

My legs need rest after yesterday, I woke this morning and remembered a dream I was having. I had received a text message from a friend that said,' She has sold the soap shop, what do you think about this ?' :/ I can't make sense of it.

Today I stayed in and watched the dvd 'Battle Royal'. it's a Japanese film about a class of school children made to fight each other on an island. People have likend it to Clockwork Orange, but I thought at times it was more 'The Prisoner' and 'Lord of the Flies'; but more violent.

I also downloaded and watched some of the talks from this years Chaos Computer Club camp. I attended the camp in Eberswalder Germany but wanted to see the talks I had missed.

here's a link....

Saturday, December 08, 2007

On a Whim'

For some reason I hadn't slept; and at the last moment decided to travel to Westminster London and attend the 'Climate Change March'. The demo' will highlight the meeting held today by the United Nations in Bali, and will also be staged in 50 other countries around the world.

Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared enough to sort a proper camera to take. Instead I made do with my mobile phone camera :/ I left at ten to five in the morning to catch the bus to Sheringham. The bus driver despite being up so early on such a cold dark morning cheerily greeted me after having bought his paper from the newsagents, " Ah, somebody else up at this ridiculous time!!." He was wearing one of those warm military hats with a Soviet star on the front. On the way he talked about his Portuguese wife, and the Portuguese community in Dereham. I tried to steer the conversation towards guns and the police in Portugal but he just wanted to talk more about his wife :)

The short ride was soon over, I now had time to kill in Sheringham before the next bus to Norwich. I spent the time walking along the sea front and switching off TVs in shop windows.

The morning awoke with a beautiful red sky, which usually unsurprisingly means rain's on its way!! A fellow passenger I overheard confirmed that rain was forecast for today.

In Norwich I walked straight to the Railway station; purchased my day return ticket which including London underground for £43.

There wasn't many people on the train, the few there searched for their allocated seats, does it really matter? There was no real reservations. They obviously hadn't noticed that British Rail and their workers just don't give a fuck any longer. During the journey it was nice to see families on day trips to London, joking about visiting the Queen. I made use of the time by reading a book.

Strangely enough I've never travelled the underground by myself before. As soon as I arrived at Liverpool Street I got hold of an Underground map, then a coffee, in that order. In the coffee shop, people were crammed onto tables. I sat with a guy who was quietly listening to his Ipod. Shortly we were joined by a lady with two large shopping bags, her husband in tow. The woman was very friendly, though when she left to go somewhere her husband seemed indifferent almost pleased; I had to chuckle in sympathy, he's seen everything there is to see I guess.

Arriving at Westminster Tube Station I was greeted almost immediately by people selling 'Socialist Worker' and a protester dressed as Death :) Following some familiar land marks I easily found the assembly point for the demo, near to parliament square. Waiting around in the rain for things to get going I was given a placard which I managed to dump after awhile mainly because it has the Socialist Worker across the top, and it was destroyed by the rain anyhow. The police came and told me and others to move off of the pavement, which was OK accept I got a funny look when I didn't respond within the first few seconds... no problem really. Some guy made me laugh shouting," hurry-up!!! I've got a flight to catch!!!" :)

I stood near the 'Surfers against sewage' lot, they were dressed in there usual wetsuits and looked frozen. Other people were dressed-up too and as usual there was the samba band. The march in the rain was made worse by people and their umbrellas stabbing everyone in the head. Everything happened as usual, Japanese tourists taking photos, Police heavily guarding the Porsche car show room, people with whistles, student talking to girls about Sufism. I'm not sure but after a TV in a shop window was switched off using tv-bgone lots of people started cheering and whistling, may have been unrelated...v.strange :) At the end of the march, some of us followed the band right to the barrier, set by police to guard the US embassy. Standing on a railing not much was happening, just a token attempt to break through the barrier. The police responded by re-enforcing with more officers. " what's happening?" Looking down I saw a women standing with her pram and baby. I never understand why people bring their children on demos. Is it safe for them ? :/

I spent the rest of my time in London walking around Leicester Square, Covent garden and China Town.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Keep it Locked

Downloaded and have been using Miro alot it's really good for finding programs/news of other languages.

Saturday i went to see Beowulf it was ok, and the computer graphics was good. i would like to see 'The Making of Beowulf' if it exists. rather predictably kids were calling it 'B.O. Wulf'. Kids kept throwing stuff at me through-out the film, but I managed to stay calm...that's up until my bus ride home. When someone else got a torrent of abuse from me, in the kind of language that they would understand.

Ok if there's no post on any particular day, you will know that nothing happened or I had to show someone how they are wrong...through the medium of shouting. It makes me very sorry when things like this happen. I will have more control of my mind, but not by being a push-over. Err.. By the way they did pick-up the litter they had dropped.

I'm reading a very good travel book called,' Springtime For Germany .' V.funny.

Good luck and until next time,