Saturday, December 22, 2007

ばか やろ of Holt

heh, more spam blog titles....

Waited outside the pub in Holt for the 2 o'clock bus. This guy who I've been trying to ignore stood outside smoking. In the end I had to talk to him just to be polite. The more we spoke the more it was obvious that we were completely different.

I had 20 minutes to kill, so I went for a walk. Suddenly a fight broke-out. You know the sort that happens when they have a friend to stop them. I watched to see if there was anything I could do. It was over quickly, and the guy walked away shouting to the other guy, " if I see your face again your dead!!"

On the bus I read about double return address exploitation using the EIP register and structured exception handler(SEH) as a fail safe. In Norwich I had a look around the cathedral; bought some book tokens and drank coffee. Damn, I accidently bought another book on reading Japanese 'Reading Japanese Today' by Len Walsh'. I read almost half of the thing on the way home....well the print is large and it has only 159 pages.

When I got back to Holt I noticed the traffic lights had gone wrong. They kept changing from stop to start every few seconds, I'm very sad so I stood and filmed it for your viewing pleasure. Whilst buying cake and crisps in the local supermarket I was suprised to see a police man ( I said there would be police now we have christmas lights ;) I told him about the traffic lights, but he seemed to want to have a conversation with me, after awhile I got the feeling he suspected me of something.

At home I drank tea, eat crisps and mince pies. Played Second Life hanging around 'Japan Resort'. There was supposed to be a christmas party at Harajuku but I guess the sim got full quickly. BTW I'm Moe Mulford in SL....Moe in Japanese is something that Otaku say... I think it means a nice feeling :)))

Off to Leicester tomorrow!!

OK, Everyone sing after me:

" I like traffic....Lights!!"

" I like traffic....Lights!!"...." I like traffic....Lights!!"

The Bigm00b_


Chi-chan said...

Hey, they weren't trafic lights but Christmas lights, you fool:P

Anonymous said...

LOL, sorry chi-chan I realise sometimes my explanation is a little confusing and random... :P