Monday, December 03, 2007

Keep it Locked

Downloaded and have been using Miro alot it's really good for finding programs/news of other languages.

Saturday i went to see Beowulf it was ok, and the computer graphics was good. i would like to see 'The Making of Beowulf' if it exists. rather predictably kids were calling it 'B.O. Wulf'. Kids kept throwing stuff at me through-out the film, but I managed to stay calm...that's up until my bus ride home. When someone else got a torrent of abuse from me, in the kind of language that they would understand.

Ok if there's no post on any particular day, you will know that nothing happened or I had to show someone how they are wrong...through the medium of shouting. It makes me very sorry when things like this happen. I will have more control of my mind, but not by being a push-over. Err.. By the way they did pick-up the litter they had dropped.

I'm reading a very good travel book called,' Springtime For Germany .' V.funny.

Good luck and until next time,

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