Monday, December 24, 2007

Bradgate Park

Spent the day keeping my niece and nephew entertained. They are quite young so basically all I do is be a monster and chase them, or, turn 'Children's BBC' on. They've also started using the computer and it's surprising just how well they find their way around a CD-Rom. I'm currently reading the book 'Kismet' by jacob Arjouni.

My sister always makes nice food for lunch; she's a vegetarian like me. Unfortunately my, " I'm not drinking alcohol" may have been compromised. When I visit my sister I defrag all her computers and fix the wireless. Some people say that cooking makes them relax, I get great satisfaction from purging system files and defragmenting hard drives :))))

Just before dark we went to Bradgate Park for a walk. I guess mainly to try tire the children so that they will sleep tonight, my nephew is so excited!!

Tonight I watched 'Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo'.

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