Thursday, December 13, 2007


Went to job centre it was crap...
I think I might have forgotten how to speak to people..

I received three cold calls today all from the same person....

Morning time," Hello I'm calling from three 'C'. Is it possible for you to answer some questions?"
I'm friendly and polite," No sorry, I'm busy at the moment." caller,"OK thank-you Sir goodbye."

Lunch time same guy," Hello my name is James. I'm calling from 3 'c'."
Hmmm.. I guess you might get Indians called James,"Sorry no, I'm busy."
James," Oh, I'm sorry Bye."

One hour latter," hello my name is Jack, I'm calling from 3 'c'."
Hmmm... the same guy an hour latter," THIS IS THE THIRD TIME YOU'VE CALLED!!!"
Jack :/ ,"OH sorry."

I recorded yesterday's BBC lunchtime drama about Gary McKinnon. You can DL it here:
Mp3 file
Ogg file

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