Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Positive Posting

Recently I've been receiving only good-news through my letter box. Just the other day I was given a cheque, for a small amount that was left on the American Express Card I used last year in New York. Then I was pleased to see a package from Warsaw, which was the fist installment of my two year subscription to 'Hakin9 magazine'. It gave me the same feeling I had when I first received 2600 magazine. I read Hakin9 from cover to cover and wasn't disappointed.

Using miro, I have been enjoying a video cast called 'Bastard Son of a Dial-Up'.

For some time now I have had the material and means to make some home brew 'Hardware Key Loggers' maybe I feel a little better, and will start my little project...

:))) HOOrah!!!

The new's today reported on plans for the government to ban Samurai swords, Martial Artists will have to demonstrate affiliation to a group. This seems good, but people who follow true Budo maybe mistaken for terrorists. Is this a concern ? Just another way to compile a list and a new database, maybe.


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