Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ya Big Promo ..

Went to 'Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach' today with my sister and family. I can't stand Great Yarmouth. On one occasion when I found myself caught in Yarmouth I considered calling air-sea rescue on the emergency phones to be air lifted to safety.

My sister's kids were very excited, and being with young children seemed to make the experience more bearable. I managed with ninja like reaction to get soaked walking past the log flume much to everyones enjoyment. I can't believe it, I just watched as in slow motion a cascade of water moved towards me, then all over the lower half of my legs. I had to laugh but I felt so stupid hahah!!

Took the kids on the roller coaster and to the penny arcades. I love to see the people who play the machines with a serious look on their face. Loading the machines with coins using two hands, like a real professional.

Most of the rides were very expensive, I waited outside while my sister and the kids looked around a miniature model village. Whilst I was waiting the police had closed the roads to the seafront. There was a procession of trucks.

The 50 or so trucks one by one paraded past waving and sounding their horns. wtf !!! I was bored with trucks even before they had started, let alone after the fiftieth one had rolled by, they all looked the same, just with different company logos. v. strange. How is that even an event ???

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