Monday, August 03, 2009

early bird

I've moved into a smallish house very close to the University. I'm sharing with Adam at the moment and Chris has gone back home until term time begins. Of course, because basically Adam and Chris did all the work finding the house I get the smallest room. It's not that much of a bother really.

I woke early today to visit job agencies and try find work. Bertram Books who operate through the use of a recruitment agency couldn't help. The agency is no longer doing business and I was told to try in two weeks time when another agency will continue their operation.

On the bus into the city I noticed a boy shouting very angrily at a rather large man wearing a Norfolk Constabulary jumper. The large man stood close to the boys face and laughed at him. Later, while I was walking I noticed the boy sitting outside of the shop 'Next' and inquired as to the problem. He told me that he had been locked in the police station cells over night, and the large man had tormented him through-out the night flicking the light switch. The boy seemed to be slightly deaf and had quite alot of issues. I like to think I helped, just by listening to him.

Adam woke at 2:15pm, just as I was returning. So far, so good with Adam. Though I left him and Bode watching DVDs last night drinking larger and eating crisps. I went for a long walk that lasted well into the early morning.

I must admit I've been pretty down and have been having some bad thoughts.

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