Monday, July 06, 2009

Two Closed Eyes

I forgot my bus pass, and had to walk from the city centre into campus. Just as soon as I left the Forum, it began to lightly rain. The rain became heavier and heavier. By the time I had reached the university I was completely soaked. It was actually quite nice. I knew due to 'sod's law' the rain would stop almost as soon as I arrived. I Sat in the square drying off in the sun, which had now been converted into a make shift playground for the Italians to play ball in.

Went for haircut, I never know how those people remember my name. I sometimes hate the fact that you have to speak to the barber. The guy cutting my hair was cool(why am I using the word cool :) I'm not 12 years old Heh.) I always get the impression he's known me before.

Another good maths session. While I was waiting for the office to open, I thought I saw Yuko.

The maths session we went slightly off topic. I brought-up the subject of cryptography. Robot seemed to know alot about 'public key encryption.'

A strange incident happened back at the Forum that I find interesting. The guy being served ahead of me complained that he was given tea instead of the latte that he had ordered. The problem was that he was a foreign national, he pronounced latte with an emphasis on 'T.' The guy and his friends were sat with me on the sofas. I couldn't make-out where they were from. They seemed to be speaking French but not always. All four were black, but not with typical black facial features. Well anyway, I asked them about the great tea incident and was laughing about the situation. I got the impression they thought the people behind the counter had got it wrong on purpose.

The thing is, everyone serving at the bar aren't originally from England. So we have all immigrants serving and foreign nation customers, all speaking a second language, English. I'm not sure why, but I found this interesting.

I went for a walk down chav street. A little fat woman err... girl tried to start a fight with me, calling me an array of expletives.

I jumped over a fence in front of a crowd of idiots. I heard the drunk idiots saying to each other, "look free runner!" hahaha ! NO !!! That's just how I jump over fences, I've done that since I was young.. Nothing new !! It never had a name, its called agility.. TWATS !!

I'm getting pissed off with Japanese culture becoming popular into the mainstream..

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