Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hmm.. it seems that I have finally come to realise the benefits of keeping a regular and up to date blog. Note that like most people I hardly ever do what is beneficial.

It's nearly Christmas time, and since I was laid-off from work on Thursday; everything for me has come to an dead end. So, a new beginning must be found. I have no job, no working transport.

By keeping a blog online I hope to keep an account of what I have been doing (obviously) This may help make me do something about my situation.

Things that I find positive at the moment in no particular order:

  • Meditation at my local Buddhist centre.

  • Norwich Buddhist centre

  • My regular trips to Germany, and learning Deutsch

  • After many years of trying I feel I know what I have to do finally to learn more about electronics and computer tech' which is my main passion (possibly an unhealthy one.) 8P

    It's now Sunday evening, and despite not leaving the house to go outside all weekend I did manage to study some German language. And earn some Linden on `Second Life` ..hehe OH Dear...

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