Friday, November 09, 2007

Just Forget It!!

Decided to do my usual and visit Norwich on a Friday. At the bus stop I noticed that the rapidly declining public payphone still had its light switched on. As I had nothing better to do whilst waiting, I called the '151' number for reporting line faults. The lady thanked me for my call and said that it would go on the list for attention. I was a little surprised when she asked me for my name and contact details. Luckily she miss heard my name and I said that I had no contact details and hung-up. I don't believe that anyone will fix the fault I've reported, well maybe there's a standard procedure for checking all boxes in time. So maybe I got some poorly paid employee in trouble. Right.. who's next....

Something I've noticed that's rather sad, is that, because of the parking problem in Holt delivery drivers are using the 'war memorial' to park on. Mostly all towns in England have a war memorial, due to the fact that WWI soldiers were buried where they died, and their bodies did not return home. There was a traffic warden who dished-out at least three tickets in a short space of time.

Despite the warnings, there was slight flood damage over night on the East coast of England. The beach-huts at Cromer have been completely smashed to pieces. Hmmm.. where would I build my beach hut and on which beach? Dresden in Germany didn't fair so well.

The bus driver seemed to be attempting his personal best in making it to the city (Norwich does actually count as being a city.. ok, I know, just pretend) I couldn't help but laugh as we manouvered around small country lanes. Pensioners shopping bags clasped to their side.

In Norwich there was nothing to see or do, I ignored people and they ignored me.

Went to the local Royal Mail sorting office to find work. The woman behind the counter pretended to listens to me, then handed me a leaflet which read," Royal Mail is recruiting now for Christmas."

'Christmas is the busiest time of the year for us. In the peak week leading up to the festive season, we expect to sort and deliver more than two billion cards, packets and letters. To help us with this, we are recruiting idiots that we may exploit and then sack in a short period of time. If you feel that you're desperate enough to get up early when every normal person is still in bed, and don't mind being attacked by dogs. Can drive with complete disregard to road safety. We would like to hear from you....A Service To Be Proud Of...'

When I returned home my dad said he hadn't realised that I had left the house.

There's a channel Four web site about the Brave Soldiers of the 'First World War'

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