Thursday, November 08, 2007


I had to go for an interview to claim job seeker allowance today. Despite arriving early at the bus-stop for Cromer I somehow managed to miss-it, or it just never arrived. When I finally made it to the job centre I was escorted by the Group 4 security guard to the interview room. The staff are friendly and I imagine they sometimes have to deal with some crap at times, though, because this is a small seaside town things are usually quiet. The girl conducting the interview was very professional except everything seemed to be pink. A pink kitty mouse mat, a pink coat, pen etc.... What I secretly admired was that she had customized the DHS computer settings to be all pink..LOL . Also she had noticed the ugly scab on the back of my hand," what has happened to your hand?" Embarrassingly I had to explain that afew days earlier I had wondered what it would feel like if I dropped glue, from a hot glue gun, on the back of my hand, and it had left a branded mark in the shape of a tear. I was obviously winning on the sympathy front and at the end of the interview she said, "take care." How was she to know that saying take care to someone like me is proposing marriage. **joke**

On the way home I switched off the, massive no-need plasma screen advertising random nothing, at the hardware store, using my TV-BGONE...MWAHAHA...There's probably some footage of me doing this somewhere as the whole of Sheringham has CCTV, everywhere. I also looked into their fairly new computer shop. I couldn't help but think the people running the computer shop where just there whilst they weren't back home tending pigs at the pig farm.

Back in Holt I tried to buy cake, but this time things didn't go so well. Someone decided to cut in front of me in the queue. Boiling inside I left the shop and hid inside a telephone box. These are really handy for hiding in an also for surveillance as they are made of glass and have transfers all around the inside leaving little peep holes...ok that's creepy. I finally calmed down and managed to buy the cake and a bottle of juice. On the way back five massively obese women taking the path and most of the road failed to move aside for me and accused me of being rude, I assume it was because I didn't jump over them to get past. At this point I was screaming inside and it's all I can do from taking the bottle of juice and smashing their useless waste of space heads to mush. I think I did a good job of disguising my psychotic tendencies and made it home to watch Taxi Driver and read the Guardian.

There is a flood warning on the East coast tonight. Some of the locals in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft noticed the delivery of sand bags, and demanded that they had them before they were handed-out. I'm wondering if they were tipped-off by their Council working friends. Well good-luck to them I hope things work-out OK.

There's a guy at Japan Resort, likes to be known as Dragunov

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