Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cromer Rock

Had to go to Cromer job centre today. The bus was late due to traffic accident. I forget each time that the 2:36 bus is caught by the school kids at Sheringham High School. It's not all bad, almost funny to hear the bus driver shouting "ONE AT A TIME!! WAIT THERE!!!" At one point he stopped the bus and wouldn't let any of the kids off until he was sure there wasn't any rubbish left behind. I can't say I blame him. They make his job difficult.

No work to be found, unless I had the right tickets to work offshore. Went for a walk along the seafront, then coffee. Inside the coffee shop there was a jukebox but with Cd's. Some guy put old style big band music on :( At first, because of the sound quality I thought that the large cabinet was infact just a MP3 player :) To think, that large cabinet then maybe, just an IPod inside... hehe

There's an undergraduate student from Birmingham University in the Guardian today. Alex Smith has won a twelve thousand pound prize from Wolfram Research for his work. A proof on how to design a computer.

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